Jerusalem Men's League – Week 10

פלאג בוגרים ירושלים

January 5-6, 2024


Old School VS Ayala Tours

41-0 Old School

Old school received the ball to start the game, and they started off hot, scoring on their opening drive on a pass to Ben Kramer off a TE release, where he fell into the end-zone after a nice catch for an 8 yard score, making it 6-0 after missing the extra point. Old School stayed hot on Ayalas opening drive as they would get an interception from Shmuel Ganz, giving them good field possession, and they would score again a few plays later on a curl route to Amir White in the middle of the end-zone, then tacked on the extra point as well, making it 13-0. Ayala Tours then went 3 and out and punted the ball away. Old School then drove downfield, but got stopped on 4th and 10 where Zach Sern ran but came up a couple yards short of the first down marker, turning the ball back over to Ayala Tours. Two plays later however, Old School would get the ball back as White would drop into coverage from the d-line, and the ball would fall into his lap for the interception. A few plays later Stern hit Josh Ross for a 20 yard TD pass in the corner of the end-zone off a nice pass, then they hit Zevi Ganz for the extra point, making it a 20-0 game. Ayala Tours then went three and out again, giving Old School the ball back with little time remaining before the end of the first half. They would manage to get downfield quickly, hitting a 25 yard pass to David Bienenfeld, then scoring on a 24 yard pass to Ganz, and adding on the extra point to him as well, making it 27-0 at halftime. Old School kept the momentum going into the second half, driving downfield on their opening drive with big completions to Ganz, then scoring on a 6 yard pass to Bienenfeld and the extra point to Kramer to make it 34-0. Ayala then had their first decent drive of the day, converting on a couple first downs, but after a White sack they threw a pick to Ganz in the back of the end-zone, giving Old School the ball back with a huge lead. They drove downfield again, scoring on a 1 yard pass to Kramer, then tacked on the extra point to Ganz to go up 41-0. Ayala Tours then had one last drive but after a Ganz sack, the drive pretty much ended there and so did the game with Old School getting the blowout win 41-0.

Thank You Hashem VS Pretty Princesses

30-12 Thank You Hashem

The Princesses started the game with the ball and they drove downfield, converting a big third and long on a great catch by Gavi Brotsky on a jump ball for a 25 yard one handed reception, then a few plays later on 4th and long, Eli Knapp came down with a fantastic one handed 30 yard Touchdown catch with the defender draped all over him, putting them up 6-0 after missing the extra point. Thank You Hashem then took over and found themselves in the red-zone after converting a 4th and 10, and scored a 4 yard Touchdown to Daniel Ciment to tie the game up, then took the 7-6 lead on the extra point to Yosef Shmuel. The princesses would be forced to punt on their next drive after getting pushed back on a big second down sack, but would get the ball back after forcing Thank You Hashem to turn the ball over on downs. The Princesses then drove all the way downfield, getting into the red-zone, but they could not score before the half as Shmuel would get back to back sacks to make sure his team had the lead at halftime. Thank You Hashem got the ball to start the second half and promptly drove downfield, scoring on a 1 yard pass to Isaac Solomon on an out route, then hit Shmuel for the extra point on an out route as well, making it 14-6. The Princesses then had a nice drive to the red-zone, but once again stalled out there after another Shmuel sack, and turned it over on downs. Thank You Hashem then drove quickly downfield and scored on 39 yard catch and run Touchdown to Ciment on a TE release where the first defender couldn't get him and he outran the rest of the defense on his way to the end-zone, and after another Shmuel extra point, Thank You Hashem went up 21-6. On The very next play Thank You Hashem's defense would add on to the lead as Andy Mordowits got a safety, giving his team a 23-6 lead and the ball. Thank You Hashem would then score on the very next play on a 35 yard Touchdown to Solomon on a beautiful post route and Mendel Kahn hit him in stride, then added points for the fifth straight play on the extra point to make it 30-6. On the next drive Andy got another first down sack, but the Princesses overcame that with some nice completions, then after faking the double reverse, they hit Brotsky for the  29 yard score on the last play of the game, ending it with a 30-12 Thank You Hashem victory.

Rocket Chai VS The Dogs

35-19 Rocket Chai

The Dogs started the game with the ball but turned it over 3 plays into the game on a pass that was overthrown as the QB was under pressure and Gershie Hartstein picked it off, giving Rocket Chai the ball within striking distance. They would score a few plays later on a 3 yard Touchdown to Shlomo Applebaum who released as the TE and made a one handed catch, he then caught the extra point as well, putting them up 7-0. The Dogs then got the ball back and despite a first down sack by Isaac Esses, drove downfield and scored on an 8 yard TD as the QB threw the ball to the flat, then received the pitch from the WR, and followed his blocks into the end-zone, making it 7-6 after missing the extra point. On Rocket Chai's next drive, Shmuel Rosenfeld got 2 sacks for The Dogs, forcing a turnover on downs. The Dogs then would score a few plays later on a 15 yard Touchdown to Dan on a curl route on the goal line, then tacked on the extra point to David Benami to go up 13-7. Rocket Chai then on second and long hit a deep pass to Esses for 45 yards, and after a Yaakov Lurie sack scored on another Applebaum Touchdown for 12 yards, then took the 14-13 lead on the extra point. The Dogs got the ball back but a few plays later threw an interception on great defensive play by the Rocket Chai defender who was running step for step with the receiver, giving the ball back to Rocket Chai with time for one play before the half, and after the pass would fall incomplete the game went into halftime with Rocket Chai up by 1. The second half started with Rocket Chai getting the ball, but after another Lurie sack on second down, they would end up turning it over on downs. The Dogs then had a big Touchdown to Avrohom Riesel who released as the TE, caught the short pass and turned it upfield for the 30 yard score, giving The Dogs a 19-14 lead after missing the extra point. Rocket Chai then promptly drove downfield, scoring on yet another Applebaum Touchdown for 7 yards as he found himself open on the flat, then slid in on a side jump to take the lead, then added the extra point to Esses on a jump ball in a crowd to make the score 21-19. The Dogs then started driving downfield, but they threw another interception as Avi Friedman jumped the flat route to pick it off and give Rocket Chai the ball. Rocket Chai would score on the very next play as the QB hit Zev Grunfeld in stride for 35 yards, then tacked on the extra point to Applebaum, making it 28-19. The Dogs then went 4 and out, turning it over on downs. Rocket Chai then drove downfield again, scoring on a 1 yard pass to Grunfeld, and tacking on the extra point to Adam Schwartz on a jump ball in a crowd. The Dogs had the ball one last time to try to make it a bit of a closer final score, but they would end up turning the ball over, ending this one in a 35-19 Rocket Chai victory.

Guardians VS 92%ers

34-12 Guardians

The Guardians played a great game, winning this one easily, led by their star players Moshe Scharf and Avrumi Zagelbaum. Scharf was his usual self at Qb, running all over the field with ease while making defenders look silly and sprinkling some deep passes in as well. The Guardians defense was outstanding with the pass rush getting to the 92%ers QB often and giving him a hard time, and Zagelbaum getting an interception. The 92%ers did get a couple big Touchdowns from Yonatan Naor. On the first one he took off as the QB for a deep run, and the second one came on 4th and long where he was lined up as receiver and came down with a jump ball for the score. But that was pretty much all the 92%ers offense in this one, and the game ended in a 34-12 Guardians blowout win.


DEC VS Pizzeria Efrat

48-12 DEC

Dec drove downfield to start this game off, but Pizzeria Efrat stopped them from scoring with sacks on 3rd and 4th down by Simcha Beren. Pizzeria Efrat then went 3 and out and punted the ball back to DEC. They started the drive with a long pass to Moshe Shear, then scored 2 plays later on a pass to Avi Weinreb, going up 6-0 after missing the extra point. On Pizzeria Efrats next drive, Dani Eastman had a 3rd down sack to force the punt. DEC had a great return on the punt and started their drive from the 20 yard line, and they would score on the next play as Batman came down with the 20 yard catch, then they added the extra point to Bucky to go up 13-0. Pizzeria Efrat started their next drive with some nice completions, getting a first down on a TE rollout, but they would try the rollout again on the very next play and the ball was bobbled then picked off by Gidon Hazony for DEC. Dec would then complete another long pass to Shear, this time for a Touchdown, putting them up 19-0 after missing the extra point. After a couple drives with no scoring, DEC had the ball again and on first down Beren would get another sack, but that wouldn't stop DEC from adding on to their lead as they would hit Eastman on 4th down for a toe tapping catch in the back of the end-zone, then hit Shear for the extra point to go up 26-0. Pizzeria Efrat then had the ball one more time before the end of the first half, and after a first down sack by Bucky, they hit a deep pass to Gav for 55 yards, with time for one more play to try to punch it in, but Weinreb defended the last pass attempt nicely to preserve the first half DEC shutout. The second half saw DEC continue to dominate, and despite Pizzeria Efrat getting on board with a couple second half Touchdowns, DEC won this one easily, with a final score  of 48-12.


27-12 WITS

Beis scored first in this one on a deep ball to Rafi Gammerman to go up 6-0. WITS would then answer with a Yudi Singal 5 yard Touchdown on an out route, and took the 7-6 lead on the extra point. After some drives with no scoring, WITS would get an interception on a tipped ball in the secondary that went into Kivi Friedmans hands, giving them the ball in great field position right before the half. Three plays later Aryeh Lowy found Ronen Lowenthal, who came down with the pass in a crowd of people for the 14 yard score, and after converting the extra point, WITS went into the half up 14-6. WITS started the second half with the ball and after a second down Yaakov Schlesinger sack for Beis, Singal scored his second Touchdown of the game on a 40 yard bomb. Schlesinger would get a sack on the extra point attempt, but WITS was now up by 2 scores at 20-6. On the next possession for Beis, Moshe Chinn jumped in front of the intended receiver and picked off the pass, giving WITS the ball with good field position. They would score 2 plays later on another Lowenthal Touchdown, this time from 4 yards out, and Chinn would add on the extra point, putting WITS up 27-6. Beis then started driving down the field, converting a first down, but they would get pushed back after an Ari Adler sack then getting called for flag guarding forcing a third and very long. They got a nice chunk play on third down, setting up a more manageable 4th and 15, but WITS would get another interception, this time by Dov Solomon at the goal line. WITS however would give the ball right back to Beis as they chucked the ball down the sideline and Dovi Beylus in great coverage came down with the slightly underthrown pass for the pick. Adler would get 2 more sacks on first and second down, pushing Beis back again, but they came up with a big 25 yard catch, setting up 4th and short which they converted with a 15 yard pass and found themselves in the red-zone. A few plays later Yehoshua Chooch scored a 9 yard Touchdown to make it a 27-12 game. On the extra point attempt, Solomon made a highlight worthy play as he snagged the ball with one hand in front of a couple guys for the interception. Beis attempted the onside but did not complete it, ending the game there with a 27-12 victory for WITS.

Lavoga Suiters VS Shabbos Bistro

19-13 Lavoga Suiters

Lavoga started the game with the ball and drove down the field nicely, but then Joey Zelig came up with three straight sacks, forcing a 4th and long and a punt. Shabbos Bistro then got the ball but threw an interception to Meir Gohary as he was step for step with the intended receiver, giving the Suiters the ball right back. Four plays later, the Suiters found themselves in the end-zone as Shua Alexander scored a 6 yard Touchdown, giving them a 6-0 lead after missing the extra point. Shabbos Bistro then after getting sacked on third down by Elisha Yaniv, attempted a fake punt, but the pass fell incomplete, giving the Suiters the ball at the 9 yard line. On the very next play Gohary caught the 9 yard Touchdown pass in the front of the end-zone giving them a 12-0 lead, and they would not convert the extra point attempt after Erez Epstein picked it off. Shabbos Bistro then couldn't get anything going on offense again, going 3 and out and punting it back to the Suiters right before the half. The Suiters quickly drove downfield after Eliezer Weissmandl took off on first down for a 25 yard run, but they could not cash in as they threw an interception from the 4 yard line on 4th down to Ariel Diner, ending the first half there. Shabbos Bistro then opened up the second half with the ball, and after a 5 play drive they finally got on the scoreboard with a 12 yard Touchdown to Erez Epstein off a beautiful touch pass from Tani Leitner right over the defenders hand, and after Andrew Helft tacked on the extra point it was a 12-7 game. On the ensuing Suiters drive Helft made a huge play on defense, picking off the third down pass on the sideline, tapping his feet down before falling out of bounds to give Shabbos Bistro the ball and a chance to take the lead. They had a couple big plays getting them into the red-zone, then scored on a 4 yard pass to Helft , giving them a 13-12 lead after converting the extra point. Lavoga would take the lead right back three plays later as Weissmandl hit Tzvi Seidman deep for a 50 yard score, then they tacked on the extra point to Alexander to put them up 19-13. Shabbos Bistro then went three and out after a Gohary sack on third down to force the punt.. Lavoga then went three and out as well after a couple sacks, including one from Zelig for his 4th of the game. Shabbos Bistro then, with a chance to tie the game up or even take the lead with the clock running out would get sacked on first down by Yaniv, which would lead to Shabbos Bistro turning the ball over on downs. Lavoga took over and they would not give Shabbos Bistro another chance as they would run the clock all the way down, winning this game 19-13.

Omni VS Orange Tide.

35-12 Omni

Omni got the ball to start the game, and on the third play of the game scored on a pass to Chaim Halbertal for 20 yards, and after missing the extra point it was a 6-0 game. Orange Tide went 3 and out on their first drive of the game after a second down sack by Tzvika Septimus. Omni then drove all the way downfield, scoring on a 4th down on a sliding grab by Sruli Snyder in the back of the end-zone for 3 yards after the QB Avi Zern bought some time in the backfield. They missed the extra point making it a 12-0 game. On the very next play, Orange Tide had a huge play as Leibel Friedman hit Yisrael klein deep down the middle of the field for 49 yards all the way to the 1 yard line, then Klein scored the 1 yard Touchdown on a push pass, making it 12-6 as they missed the extra point. Omni then went 4 and out, turning it over back to the Tide. A few plays later Orange Tide tied the game up at 12 on an 18 yard Touchdown reception by Yedidyah Cohen in the middle of the field, but they were unable to take the lead on the ensuing extra point. Omni then drove downfield quickly, scoring on a 23 yard Touchdown to Dovid Fuchs, reclaiming the lead at 20-12 after hitting Fuchs for the two point conversion as well. Orange Tide then drove quickly down the field with the clock running out, but threw an incompletion from the 19 yard line to end the first half. Orange Tide started the second half with the ball but turned it over on downs after a Sammy Sonnenberg sack and another sack on 4th down, giving Omni the ball with excellent field position. They scored 5 plays later on 4th down after the ball was tipped in the air and into Halbertals hands for the 4 yard score, and after tacking on the extra point they were up 27-12. Orange Tide then got sacked by Sonnenberg again on third and long, forcing a punt back to Omni. They then drove all the way downfield, overcoming a Third down sack by Dovi Geizhals with a 10 yard Touchdown on 4th down to Fuchs on the slant route, then tacked on the 2 point conversion to Leibel Eichorn, giving us our final score for this one, a 35-12 Omni victory.