FM Home Loans Men's Flag Football League – Week 3

פלאג בוגרים ירושלים


Underdogs vs. Old School 0-32

         This one was ugly from the start. The Underdogs opened up with the ball and had a quick three and out. The Sandstorm then came down with a quick drive starting with a 24 yard run from QB David Bienenfeld and ending with a 15 yard run from their QB for the TD. Both teams then had a few drives end in turnovers on downs, the last one ending with a Binyamin Glanz sack. He then followed that up with a short 5 yard TD catch. The underdogs then had another turnover on downs and Sandstorm capitalized on that with a 23 yard TD pass to Zachary Stern on a fourth and five play. Zev Ganz added the PAT to make it 20-0. The score stayed that way without much excitement until the end of the second half when the Sandstorm put the game away with back to back TD’s. The first came on a short 4 yard TD pass to Mosher Akselrud after a quick 5 play drive. The next came on a pick 6 from Zack Stern where he returned it 36 yards to give the Sandstorm a 32-0 lead. The game would end like that after Josh Ross got the game ended INT in the endzone. A nice sequence the Underdogs had this game was back to back sacks from David Braha in the red zone early in the second half that forced a turnover on downs.

Flush The Lush vs. Kedma – Bnei Akiva 33-27

         The highly anticipated matchup of the week for this tier did not disappoint. It featured two teams that are atop this league and are hopefully to take it all the way this year. Flush the Lush opened with the ball and punted after a three and out forced by Avi Meth’s third down sack. Kedma then had a quick three and out on their own 10 and gave it right back to Flush. They didn’t squander this posesion rather they took the ball despite a couple penalties and Avi Meth’s second sack and scored on a 18 pass to Aiden Einhorn on a fourth and thirteen. Kedma’s first play of the ensuing drive was a big one. It was a 39 yard Netanel Eckman, the first one of many big plays to him this game. Unfortunately for them the fun stopped there as three straight incompletions and a red zone pick from Joseph Betnick ended that promising drive. Flush the Lush made the most of this opportunity and scored a quick TD on a five play drive that ended with an eleven yard pass to Joseph Zelig for the touchdown making it 13-0 on a potential 15-point swing. Kedma came back though with a five play touchdown drive as well. In that drive they converted on a big fourth and two and then hit a big 32 yard TD pass to AB Schwartz that was tipped and up for grabs but he came down with it. Flush got the ball back with seconds left in the half and tried to make something happen but on third down as time expired Peter Osen got Kedma’s third sack of the half. Kedma got the ball to start the half and boy did they strike. They scored on a 50 yard TD pass to AB Schwartz on the first play of the half tying the game up at 13. Flush then came right back with another one of those quick drives ending with a score, this one was to TE Sol Feder and it came from 3 yards out. He would also tack on the extra point making it 20-13. After a quick three and out thanks in large part to an Ian Bromberg sack there was some excitement on the ensuing punt. Kedma’s punter Ilan Horn got a booming punt off but was run into by the rusher. A flag was thrown and just as the ref was about to call out the penalty Horn took matters into his own hands and stood up for himself. That obviously drew another flag and there were offsetting penalties causing a re-punt. Flush’s next drive wasn’t as quick. It was a methodical ten play drive that ended with another Sol Feder TD score, this one from eleven yards out. Kedma came right back again with a 43 yard TD bomb on first down again. This back and forth thriller was inching towards the finish line and Flush tried to take it all the way down on this drive. They did a pretty good job and got it to within seconds and also put a score on the board with a 12 yard TD pass to Ian Bromberg to make it 33-19. Kedma needed all the help they could get here. They started off nicely with a 46 yard jump ball to Eckman again and he came down with it. They then scored on a 1 yard pass play and Eckman converted the two point try from 10 yards out. That made it 33-27. Their last hope to keep this game alive was now to try the new “onside kick”, a fourth down and 20 from their own 15. They got the ball off but it wasn’t the way they would’ve liked. He was flushed out of the pocket and couldn’t get off a good pass and it fell incomplete. The game ended with Flush the Lush taking it 33-27 and staying at #1 in the league but these two teams are bound to be fighting all season long atop this league and we just might end up seeing these two teams in the finals of this league.

Moreshet Mafia vs. PK Hart 26-0

         This game turned out to be a pretty lopsided one as the Moreshet Mafia continued to take this league by storm with this great defense. Their aforementioned defense started this game on the field and opened up strong with a sack. A few plays later they made the first big play of the game. They got an INT from one of their lock down corners Harry Gane. They punted on their first offensive drive but their defense picked them up. After a few chunk plays Eli Shiloach picked off a 4th and 5 pass attempt giving Moreshet two early interceptions. This time their offense turned it into points. On the fourth play of the drive on a third and long they hit on a 36 yard TD to a wide open Aaron Levy. They forced a quick three and out and on the next drive after converting a fourth and short they hit another big play. A 22 yard TD pass. This time to Joe Gindi. It was a jump ball that he came down with in one on one coverage. PK Hart finally had a nice drive going but then right before half Ezra Dweck came through with a sack to end things right there and go into halftime up 13-0. The second half was much of the same as they opened up with a four play drive ending with a 8 yard TD pass to TE Ezra Dweck. They forced another three and out thanks to Brain Sutton’s second down sack. One play after the punt Moreshet got another one of those big plays. This one was a 54 yard TD pass to Irwin Azar who ran past everyone and just reached his hand over the goal line before stepping out of bounds. They got a quick four and out this time with another Brian Sutton Sack. There were a couple more unexciting drives and the game ended 26-0 Moreshet.


Mercaz Moosen vs. DEC 15-9

         This game was one of if not the most highly anticipated Friday game in history. It was a matchup between two teams that have a real shot at a championship this year and are both playing well to start the season. The game didn’t disappoint and was close all throughout. Mercaz opened with the ball but gave it to DEC pretty quickly after a three and out that included a Noam Moore sack. DEC also had a quick drive ending in a punt aided by a sack from their ace DE Dovi Olshan. The defense for DEC came up big again on the next drive as they got a safety on the second play of the drive from, you guessed it, Noam Moore. They didn’t do anything with the ball though as the defensive matchup continued as Avrumie Tepler collected a sack in the process of forcing another punt. Cobi Walden started the drive off nicely for Mercaz with a 33 yard catch on the first play putting them right into the red zone. After failing to get into the end zone on three straight plays on 4th and goal from the 2 Cobi Walden came through again as Mercaz went up 8-2. The next drive DEC came out firing with back to back passes to Yaakov “Rabbit” Rabinowitz for 9 and 33 yards respectively. Three plays later after a 10 yard from the QB they found the end zone and tacked on the extra point to go up 9-8. That's how the game would going into half with each side getting another sack before that. DEC opened up the second half with the ball and went back to Rabbit deep on the first play, this time for 43 yards putting them right back in striking distance. This time though they didn’t punch it in. They had 8 plays, aided by a DPI, and failed to score. Judah Tepler and Olsean each earned sacks to help keep DEC off the board. On Mercaz’s next drive they had a nice long 9 play drive which ended with them taking the lead on a Dovi Olsean TD catch from 8 yards away and didn’t leave DEC much time. Noam Moore did get his third sack of the day on that drive. They didn’t do much with the ball this time around and gave it back to Mercaz on an Avrumie Tepler INT in the end zone but if there was any silver lining in this drive not much time came off the clock so all DEC had to do was get a quick stop. That is exactly what they did. After 3 plays, including one big sack, DEC got the ball back with one last chance to tie it up and maybe even win it. Again they went back to Rabbit and converted on a 33 yard play that put them right business. Mercaz then got flagged for DPI and, on just two plays, DEC found themselves right on the doorstep of at least a tie. Unfortunately for them on three straight plays they didn’t complete a pass and the game ended with Mercaz taking it 15-9 although these two teams know each other and have had great battles late in the season in previous years and there's no reason to believe that this year will be any different. We’ll see these teams fighting out with more stuff on the line.

TC vs. Joe’s Eagles 19-0

 This game wasn’t much of a contest as Joe’s Eagles kept it close for a good portion of the game but it got a little ugly late. Avi Roz opened the scoring with a TD for TC early in the first. At the end of the first Avi Schuman got a big INT after a tip and a bobble that gave TC another opportunity to score before half. They didn’t come through and the half ended 7-0 TC. The second half started with TC in possession. They didn’t have it for long as they punted after three plays. They weren’t without the ball for long either though as Avi Schuman came down with his second pick of the game. A few plays later as happens at least once a game they threw it up to Gav Goldberg and he utterly mossed his defender getting into the red zone. Another two plays later and they were in the end zone on a nice Eli Friedman score. The next drive was the Elisha Yaniv show as he collected two sacks in the span of three plays forcing a turnover on downs although Joe’s Eagles did have the best play of the game on this drive as the completed a successful hook and ladder that went for 24 yards. TC had a three and end giving the ball right back to them but the Eagles just gave it right back after a four and out. After that turnover on downs TC took over in great position and capitalized on it and put the final nail in the coffin with Eli Friedman’s second TD catch. TC was victorious in this one 19-0 as Avi Schuman and Eli Friedman were the stars of this one.

Converse Dating vs. Sound of Silence 38-0

         This one of the bigger blowouts of the season as this game was virtually never in question and Converse ran away with it. Sound of Silence started with the ball and had a three and out. On the second play of their first drive Converse hit a 40 yard play to Shai Feintuch. Three plays later Chaim Mordechai “Motti” Cherns caught a 17 yard TD and on the PAT Dani Dubin caught it but the highlight of the play was the QB flipping the ball underhand to him while under heavy pressure to go up 7-0. Sound of Silence had another quick drive this time it was a four and out. Converse took over from there and five plays later Daniel Stein came down with a 19 yard TD catch two Converse players converged in the end zone and collided but somehow Dan was able to hang on to it. Converse forced another three and out and on the first play of their drive they hit a 36 yard TD on a hook and ladder from Shai Feintuch to Motti Cherns. 20-0 Converse. Next drive Converse used a Gershon Liff sack to get yet another three and out. Three plays later Dan Stein was in the end zone again. That Mercifully took it to the half 26-0 Converse. They picked up right were they left off as on the first play of the second half Motti Cherns scored on a 35 yard TD catch and run. Their defense then forced another four and out and Dani Dubin scored a 14 yard TD on the next play as they took over in the red zone. Gershon Liff opened the next drive with his second sack and they traded turnover on downs for the rest of the game until Moshe Platscheck ended the game with a sack. The final score was 38-0 Converse as they bounced back after taking a tough loss at the hands of TC in last week’s thriller.

Route 38 vs All American 33-39

         This one was a close game all throughout and had lots of highlight reel plays and was probably the game of the week. Although there were quite a few nice matchups this week. Zechariah David Abramovitz had the first impact of the game as he got back to back sacks in the red zone but Route 38 ended up scoring two plays later on a 18 pass to Tovya Nat on 4th down. Route 38’s defense mad a big play to begin the game for them as well as Ezra “Bezzy” Gross got a sack but the next play All American hit a big play on a 43 yard catch and run from Rephael Wechsler for his first of a few big plays on the night. Two plays later Yitz Devor scored from 4 yards out. All American then got the ball back after a three and out and on the first play of their drive Yitz Devor scored again from a little farther out this time. 35 yards to be exact and Wechsler added the extra point with a nice toe tap catch to put them up 13-6. Route 38 came right back and tied it up going through their TE Akiva Rindenow. He opened the drive with a 26 yard catch and ended the drive with an impressive 7 yard one handed grab in traffic. After back to back incomplete passes for the All Americans their QB Yakov Rosenblum took off on a 3rd and long and picked up 34 yards and the first down. The next play Zechariah Abramowitz scored on a 2 yard catch. And Yitz Devor made it 7 and put them up 20-13. With not much time left until halftime Route 38 quickly moved down field and tied up the game as the half came to an end. They hit Rindenow in traffic again for the score and went into the half tied up 20-20. On the opening kickoff of the game the All Americans had a kick return for TD by Rephael Wechsler because he lost his flag halfway through the play. A few plays later he found himself in the end zone again but this time it wasn’t called back after he caught a tipped up pass for a 9 yard TD. Their defense then got them the ball back with the help of a 3rd down sack from Sam Leiberman. They then went up two scores with a nice back shoulder TD to Yitz Devor for a 24 yard touchdown. Route 38 needed a quick response and that's just what they got. On the fourth play of the drive they hit Tovya Nat again for a 37 yard TD making it 33-27. Yitz Devor opened up their next drive with a 23 yard chunk play which set up Rephael Wechesler for his second touchdown caught off a tip. That made it a two possession game again and Route 38 again needed a very quick score plus more. They got the quick score again on a 4 yard catch from their favorite target this game Akiva Rindenow which was set up by a 46 yard scamper from their QB Tzvika Septimus. They didn’t get the more however as the game ended 3 plays later and All American took this one 39-33. Even with the loss Route 38 seems to have adjusted to the new upper league. We’ll see how the rest of the seasons plays out for these two teams as they’re trying to make a big impact on this new league.

BhB Investments vs. Omni 18-14

         This was another close matchup all through featuring one newer team with excitement and hope facing a veteran team that knows what they’re doing. Omni opened the game with the ball and on the very first play got a 51 yard TD to Moshe Lieberman. BhB Investments’s first drive didn’t go as planned as they had a turnover on downs. Their defense picked them up though as they bent but didn’t break. They held them at the goal line after Omni drove down field thanks to 2 sacks, one from Shua Tversky and the second from Elchonon Gros. This BhB didn’t squander the opportunity to tie it as Shua Alexander scored on a very impressive 42 yard touchdown where he had a nasty juke in between two defenders. BhB’s defense again let Omni drive down the field but then put the clamps on. Getting another Tversky sack right before Mordy Josefovic got a pick deep in their own zone. That came into play as after 3 plays not picking much up they punted but it hit their O-lineman and went out of the end zone for an Omni safety. Omni then got the ball and tried scoring right before half but came up a couple yards short on an Ezra Shulman 17 yard catch and run but Omni went into halftime up 8-6. On the first play of the second half BhB’s star WR hit another big play making a couple people look silly in the process. He scored on a 50 yard shifty catch and run making multiple people miss on his way to the end zone. After another long Omni drive stalled out BhB took over on the turnover on downs but on the next play Onmi took it right back with a nice looking INT and put them right in the redzone looking to take the lead. But again BhB held and forced a turnonver on downs with a Zevi Kraus 4th down sack. A couple plays later though they gave it back again on an INT by Ezra Shulman who dropped back into coverage. With not much time this time Omni couldn’t afford to stall out. They didn’t, rather they overcame a penalty and a sack from Elchonon Gros and scored on a 5 yard pass to Ezra Shulman to go up 14-12 late. BhB got the ball back but after a sack they had to get something big and quick. That they did. On the next play Elchonon Gros scored on a 43 yard bomb in one on one coverage. Omni tried to drive down one more time but they got down before they could try the laderal play and BhB squeaked away with a 18-14 win over the veteran Omni team.