FM Home Loans Men's Flag Football League – Week 15

פלאג בוגרים ירושלים


Kedma- Bnei Akiva vs Ayala Tours

Kedma-Bnei Akiva faced off against Ayala Tours. Kedma got the ball first and QB Isaac Thurm quickly made an impact with a 24-yard run on fourth and long, setting the tone for the game. Thurm's strong performance continued as he connected with WR Netanel Eckman for a 3-yard touchdown, giving Kedma an early 6-0 lead. Ayala was unable to convert on their next drive and turned the ball over on downs. Kedma continued to dominate, with Abie Schwartz catching a 26-yard touchdown on a high point catch and outrunning the defender for an even bigger lead, 12-0. The momentum continued for Kedma as CB Illan Horn intercepted a pass on a toe tap sideline catch, setting up another touchdown for Eckman, this time a 32-yard beauty with a gorgeous double move that left the defender in the dust. Kedma was now up 18-0. Ayala attempted to respond, but Kedma's defense was too strong, intercepting another pass with CB Paul Metzger coming away with the INT. Schwartz scored his second touchdown of the game with a 12-yard catch, and the 2-point conversion was good, giving Kedma a 26-0 lead. Ayala continued to try and fight, but were unable to convert on their next drive, turning the ball over on downs. Kedma failed to capitalize and punted. Ayala finally found the end zone with a 6-yard touchdown to WR Netanel Kuhr. But it was too little too late as Kedma emerged victorious with a final score of 26-6.

EarBiters vs Baboons

The EarBiters and Baboons went head to head in a great game, with the EarBiters topping the Baboons 26-18. The game started with the EarBiters receiving the ball. They quickly made their presence known with a 33-yard touchdown pass from QB Yitzy Tannenbaum to WR Noam Fried. This set the tone for the rest of the first half as the EarBiters dominated the field, with Fried scoring another touchdown and TE Akiva Lader adding one of his own. The EarBiters defense was also amazing in the half with a 23-yard pick six. Safety Amittai Najman-Licht intercepted the ball with the half coming to a close. However, on the very next play, the Baboon’s defense came up big and got a 58-yard pick six. The score was 26-6 at halftime. The Baboons managed to score two touchdowns in the second half, but it wasn't enough to overcome the EarBiters lead. With :45 seconds remaining, the Baboons were making a valiant effort to comeback, but DL Yitzy Tannenbaum came up big with a game-ending sack on fourth down, securing the win for the EarBiters. Final score was 26-18 EarBiters over Baboons.


One of the most highly anticipated matchups of the year, as DEC was trying to remain undefeated. DEC started strong, driving down the field but TC's defense managed to make a goal line stand to keep them out of the endzone. TC's offense took over at their own 2 yard line but DEC's defense continued to shine as they have all year, and CB Avi Weinreb intercepted the ball of an errant throw by TC QB Dovi Mann. DEC took over and two plays later, they hit pay dirt, as QB Zvi Greenstone found Noam Moore for a 37-yard touchdown pass. This gave DEC an early lead. However, TC answered with a touchdown of their own, as Mann found WR Avi Rose from 23-yards out, tying the score up at  6-6. DEC's defense continued to be dominant, with interceptions by CB Tani Greenwald and Avi Weinreb leading to two more touchdowns for DEC. As halftime neared, DEC was set up off an INT and was threatening to score. Despite the great field position, DEC's offense was unable to score after another goal line stand by TC's defense. The second half opened with TC's offense, but they turned the ball over on downs. DEC capitalized with a 22-yard touchdown to WR Tani Greenwald. TC responded with a touchdown of their own, but DEC held strong and maintained their lead. In an attempt to complete the comeback, TC needed to score quickly and then recover an onside kick. Mann found WR Eli Friedman, who beat his defender over the top and Mann laid the ball right in there for a 28-yard TD. DEC’s defense needed to make one stop on the onside kick, and they did just that. They stood strong and secured the win. The final score was 25-19, with DEC emerging victorious over TC.

Moreshet Mafia vs Underdogs

The Moreshet Mafia and the Underdogs went head to head in a thrilling game that was filled with exciting plays. The Underdogs started with the ball and quickly made their presence felt with a 38-yard touchdown pass to WR Abie Saada. This gave the Underdogs an early 7-0 lead. However, the momentum shifted when cornerback Abie Saada picked off the ball. This led to a 4-yard touchdown to TE David Ades. This extended the Underdogs lead to 13-0. The Underdogs defense then came up huge as DL Zack Leventer sacked the Moreshet quarterback in the end zone, resulting in a safety. This increased the Underdogs lead to 15-0. The game then became a battle of punts, with both teams unable to capitalize on their possessions. However, Moreshet's defense finally made a play, with Moreshet's CB Aaron Levy intercepted the ball, setting up a 3-yard touchdown pass to WR Richard Cohen. This reduced the Underdogs lead to 15-6. At halftime, the score was 15-12 in favor of the Underdogs. The second half saw the Moreshet Mafia take control of the game, with a 2-yard touchdown pass to Richard Cohen, his 3rd TD of the game. This gave Moreshet the lead for the first time in the game, 18-15. The Underdogs then turned the ball over on downs, allowing Moreshet to score another touchdown with a 6-yard pass to WR Harry Gani. This increased Moreshet's lead to 24-15. The Underdogs attempted to make a comeback, but their efforts were thwarted by some great Moreshet defense and they were forced to punt. Moreshet then sealed the game with a 12-yard touchdown pass to TE Ezra Dweck, bringing the final score to 31-15 in favor of the Moreshet Mafia. This game was highlighted by the performances of Moreshet's Richard Cohen, who had three touchdowns, and Harry Gani, who had an interception and a touchdown. In the end, the Moreshet Mafia proved to be too much for the Underdogs, with a dominant second half performance that secured their 31-15 victory.


Omni vs TC

In the thrilling matchup between TC and Omni, both teams left everything on the field as they battled to a 12-12 tie. The game was filled with excitement, as each team tried to gain the upper hand. Omni started with the ball, but TC's Gav Goldberg quickly made his presence felt, with a sack on 4th down, resulting in a turnover on downs. However, Omni's defense came to the rescue, intercepting the ball in the end zone. Despite a few good plays, Omni ended up turning over the ball once again. TC took over at midfield, but their drive ultimately stalled out on a turnover on downs at the 4 yard line. After a punt from each team, Omni drove down the field, but on 4th and goal, TC's DL Nechemia Gross broke free and got a sack, resulting in another turnover on downs. With just :04 seconds remaining in the first half, TC's QB Dovi Mann connected with WR Eli Friedman on a 37-yard touchdown pass, putting TC up 6-0 at halftime. In the second half, TC got the ball but was unable to move the ball, resulting in a turnover on downs. The game remained tight, with each team trading punts and interceptions. TC got the ball and moved down the field. However, on 2nd and goal, Omni CB Tzvi Seidman jumped the route and intercepted the ball, returning it to the house for six. TC punted on their next drive. Omni's QB Avi Zern threw a 50-yard strike to his receiver for a TD, giving Omni a 12-6 lead. However, TC wasn't done yet. WR Avi Rose beat his defender on a deep corner route, scoring a 50-yard TD to tie the game up. Despite several attempts from both teams, the game ended in a 12-12 tie, with each team showcasing their talents and determination. The battle between TC and Omni was a true testament to the competitiveness and excitement of their teams.

BhB Investments vs Umpa Lumpas

The Umpa Lumpas and BhB Investments faced off in what was dubbed the craziest game of the year. It was an offensive showdown that saw both teams battling back and forth in a high-scoring affair. The Umpa Lumpas started with the ball and immediately put points on the board with a 7-yard touchdown to WR Leibel Eichorn from QB Eliezer Weissmandl. The score was 6-0 Umpa. BhB Investments answered back with a 50-yard touchdown to WR Shua Alexander from QB Dudi Gelb, who made a bunch of defenders miss en route to the end zone. The extra point was good on a no-look pass from Gelb, making the score 7-6 BhB. Umpa Lumpas regained the lead with a 26-yard touchdown to WR Eli Meir Weisshaus. The score was now 12-7 Umpa. However, BhB would not be deterred and responded with a 50-yard touchdown to Alexander, making the score 14-12 BhB. Unfortunately, a touchdown run by Weissmandl was called back due to a block in the back. On fourth down, BhB's defensive line came up with a big sack to force a Umpa turnover on downs. BhB's Elchonon Gros then scored a 45-yard touchdown on a tipped pass, giving BhB a 20-12 lead. Umpa Lumpas fought back with a 43-yard touchdown to Weisshaus on a perfect throw from Weissmandl. The two-point conversion was good, tying the game at 20-20. BhB responded with a 42-yard touchdown to WR Elchonon Gros, who outmuscled his defender to the ball. The score was now 27-20 BhB. Umpa Lumpas then scored a 50-yard touchdown to Eichorn after Weissmandl scrambled around, and the two-point conversion was good, making the score 28-27 Umpa. This was the score at halftime. BhB began the second half with the ball, but they turned it over on downs. Umpa Lumpas took advantage with a 40-yard touchdown to WR Elchonon Feiner. The two-point conversion was good as well. The score was now 36-27 Umpa. BhB scored a 22-yard touchdown to TE Aaron Taub on a jump ball, making the score 36-33 Umpa. Umpa Lumpas had a long drive that resulted in a 2-yard touchdown to TE Chaim Block, and the extra point was good. The score was now 43-33 Umpa. Umpa's defense then came up with a huge play as LB Asher Ackerman intercepted a pass. BhB's defense stood tall at the goal line though and, with help from two sacks from DL Zevi Kraus, forced a turnover on downs. BhB needed a touchdown and an onside kick to tie the game, but they were only able to score a 36-yard touchdown to Gros. Unfortunately, the clock had run out and no onside kick was attempted. The final score was 43-39 Umpa Lumpas coming out on top of BhB Investments in this thrilling game. It was an offensive showcase, with both teams putting up big numbers and going back and forth until the final whistle.

Converse Dating vs. All Americans

This game was a nail biter, with great defense all around, including a Shimon Shuck pick 6 in the beginning of the game, this game literally came down to the last seconds. The game started off with a few great defensive stops, with All Americans landing the first blow with a great TD pass from Yakov Rosenblum to Yitz Devor. Noam Gelb responded, with two quick scores to make the game 12-6. However, after a great defensive sack by Shlomo Kermansky to put CD right by their own endzone, Noam Gelb threw an errant pass meant for Shai Feintuch that was picked off by Shimon Shuck for 6 points. After this, and building off of their momentum, All Americans drove down the field again and scored another touchdown to put them up 18-12. With time running out, Noam Gelb hit Sammy Kleinman for a game tying touchdown with a few seconds left on the clock.. Ultimately, the game ended in a tie 18-18, hard to say who came out of this game the better team.