About AFI

Over 2,000 Israelis – men, women and children – play organized American football in Israel. In partnership with Robert Kraft and the Kraft Family, American football is rapidly becoming one of Israel’s most popular team sports. Attracting players and fans from all walks of life, economic levels, ethnicities and religions, the AFI strives to unify players, coaches, referees and fans in an American football community.

The AFI is the official government recognized Federation of American Football in Israel and serves as the umbrella for all football activities in Israel. We are members of “Ayelet” the Israeli Association of non-Olympic Sports and are a registered non-profit association.

Within the framework of competitions organized by the International Federation of American Football, the Israeli flag football National teams are among the finest in the world. Our men are ranked 5th and our women are 10th in the world. Both teams are currently ranked 2nd in Europe. The Israeli men’s national tackle team has begun its journey into international completion within the European section of the IFAF.

As the football community continues to grow, we maintain the principals that inspire our people and our nation. We strive for mutual respect, team spirit and good sportsmanship.

The AFI’s dream of American football in Israel is coming true.

Board of Directors
AFI Management
Steve Leibowitz
AFI Presetent
Yonah Mishaan
Vice President
Uria Lobebuam
Board Member
Shana sprung
Board Member
Sarit baily
Board Member
Ehud Sharon
Adam Slater
Nimrod Pintel
Director of Tackle Football
Estie Shai
Director of Flag Football
Ben Tibi
Omer Sela