FLAG Adult nationnal

Week 7 of the Men's Flag Football League was filled with new weather and gritty games. The games on Friday were so full of rain it was hard to see, let alone make catches or throw the ball. Still, teams fought through and pulled off some gritty wins or close losses.

Team Believe pulled off the 21-7 victory against the Shet Sharks. The Sharks have fallen behind in the standings, losing their 2nd of 3 games. They will need to get back into the win column to stay in the hunt for the playoff bye week.

Beis Dovid suffered their 6th loss to Sha'alvim in as many games, and in blowout fashion no less. This new team could be eliminated from the playoffs very soon.

After a short resurgence by Route 38 Warriors and a 2 game win streak, they seem to have cooled down after losing by 18 to Bonanza Boyz.

The Redskins dueled The Dougs in a tight game, ultimately ending in a 6-6 tie.

Mercaz Moosen continue to stake their claim as the best team and the Championship front-runner, after a convincing 25-2 win vs Team Omni. Despite their near loss to the winless Derech Etz Chaim, they are still the only undefeated team.

Psychobunnies could not stop the shiftiness of the Rebbishe Vikings' QB, leading to Rebbishe Vikings having their best offensive output of the season.