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Week 6 was filled with near upsets and intense games, the energy in the field was like never before.

The Shet Sharks suffered their first loss to the surging Falcons team. This game could be crucial in deciding the 2nd seed tiebreaker, which will determine who gets the bye.

The Whistleblowers finally get their first win of the season over Psychobunnies. This team seems to be trying to push for the playoffs before they get buried in the standings of the extremely tough Division 1.

Team Believe continued their streak of dominance with another huge blowout. Chofetz Chaim seems to be their kryptonite, and that looks like the most likely championship matchup in Division 3.

Beis Dovid suffered their 5th loss of the season, making them the only winless team in Division 2. Their defense looked promising, holding their opponent to only 7 points, but the offense needs to get things going or this season can be lost soon.

Derech Etz Chaim came inches away from breaking their winless streak, and against an undefeated Mercaz Moosen team no less. The teams battled it out in an offensive showdown, but ultimately Mercaz held on. Although this is a loss, this may be the spark Derech Etz Chaim needed to creep back into the playoff race.

Rebbishe Vikings and Toras Chaim played a close, defensive and high-tension game. Both defenses rushed the opposing QBs aggressively, leading to many turnovers. Tensions rose throughout this intense matchup, ultimately resulting in a pair of ejections. Toras Chaim managed to hold on to the lead, but Rebbishe Vikings are making a statement, they are not done.