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Week 5 featured the most games we've had in a weekend all season (13), with the clocks jumping back an hour.

The week started with a scheduled forfeit, as Team Omni had to cancel last minute due to the bris of one of their teammate's newborn (Mazal Tov!). Toras Chaim was awarded with an automatic 24-0 win.

Mercaz Moosen continued their undefeated roll as they plowed past the struggling Whistleblowers. It might be time for Whistleblowers to evaluate what needs to change moving forward, as it stands they look to be far out of the playoff bubble.

Chofetz Chaim added yet another blowout win to their resume, with a 26-point win over Orayta. They are sitting very comfortably atop the Division 3 standings.

Route 38 pulled off the upset, achieving their first win against the previously #1 seeded Boca Chokas.

Symphony's struggles continue, as this team's record doesn't properly reflect their performances. QB Mordechai Krupp was under immense pressure all game, but they still managed to keep it close before the weekly last minute dagger by their opponent.

Rebbishe Vikings also got their first win in a matchup of 2 once-great now-winless, relying very much on young superstars to lead the way. Derech Etz Chaim are now last in their division, and face an uphill battle if they want to be playing in February.