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Week 3 of the 33rd Season of the FM Home Loan's League lacked the usual nail-biters, but was filled with drama and great games as always.

Mercaz Moosen barely edged out the Rebbishe Vikings in a tight Friday game, with defense playing a big part. The Moosen were living in their opponents backfield in the 14-7 victory.

Chofetz Chaim and Team Believe battled it out in a matchup of the 2 top Division 3 teams, both teams coming fresh off a blowout win. Chofetz Chaim proved to be the better team as they held Team Believe to only 7 points. They look like a prime candidate for the Division 3 championship.

Beis Dovid and TiveriaParadise.com had a wildly close affair, as the 2 teams exchanged big plays throughout the game, before TiveriaParadise.com eventually rose up for the close 1-possession win.

The Mob went to work against the annual star-studded team of Derech Etz Chaim. It may be time to start wondering if DEC has what it takes this year, after falling to 0-2 and losing this one by over 20 points.