FLAG Teenagers

Finally, here after a long year of disturbances. We kicked off the night with the toiletbowl game as the 2 new bottom teams (of the future) came out and had some fun as the Panthers came out on top of this one 33-19 over the Youngsters.

The next is our featured game and had been all year as they met for the 3rd and final time. With a Roaring crowd and an epic atmosphere both The Trifectas and Sus Spiers came more ready than ever to play their hearts out. The game started out with Trifectas not making a dent in the iron defense of the Sus Spiers it was a quick four and out for both teams on their first drives. By the second drive Trifectas realized what they needed to do and with a continuous run game and occasionally pass they brought the ball all the way to the endzone

David Applebaum being the one to score it. They then missed the extra point making the score 6-0. The Sus Spiers then adjusted their game and came back with a beautifully caught deep ball by Ami Fried that took them down to the one-yard line where Noam Fried arguably the best wide receiver in the league did a quick out to tie the game up 6-6. As the crowd boomed in favor of the Trifectas they were motivated to bring the ball down the field again destroying the Sus Spiers defense and David Applebaum scoring his second TD of the game. The extra point was caught by Matan Roz as he leapt high into the air to snatch the two points.

The pressure was on the Sus Spiers as the clock was running down to half time, but unfortunately for them the Trifectas made another clutch stop with Ami Dressler in the back field slapping balls down and Matan Roz creating amazing QB pressure and the occasional sack. The Trifectas got the ball left with two mins left in the half and were hungry for another score. With a deep sideline catch by Matan Roz that brought them to the red zone Yakov Esshaghian caught a laser on the line for six and then another laser same spot for another two. making the game 22-6 at the half. Both teams discussed their adjustments while an MVP ceremony was held where star player Ben Esshaghian received this year's U19 MVP in a near unanimous vote Congratulations to Ben.

Yitzi Tennenbaum came out slinging the first play of the second half launching the ball deep to Noam Fried who incredibly caught it for a walk-in touchdown. They missed the extra point but slowly began closing the gap that the Trifectas had created in the first half. The Trifectas came back with the same energy running the ball all over the Sus Spiers and sending a ball over multiple defenders as Matan Roz leaped into the air to snatch it for another six.

The unstoppable Trifectas again scored a double extra point by Azi Deutsch bringing the score to 30-14. At this point it became dangerous for the Sus Spiers and they knew they had to make a play. They sent Noam deep again on a fly and he managed to catch a crazy ball right near the sideline and then a quick ball on the line for six. Failing to get the extra point the gal to beat was now 12 points in favor of the Trifectas 30-18. With hope dwindling and time running down the Sus Spiers were blessed with a miraculous pick by Noam Fried changing the tides of the game completely and bringing them back in the game. He yet again made an amazing play on the ball to score his fourth touchdown now making the game a one score gap 30-24.

All the Sus Spiers had to do was stop one offensive drive by the Trifectas and bring the ball back for six, but unfortunately David Applebaum had another plan in mind. After three successful runs with Ami Dressler and David Applebaum killing the defense Applebaum had a clutch fourth down catch. Time was running out for the Sus Spiers with nearly two minutes on the clock the Trifectas edged closer and closer to the endzone. The Crowd was cheering their hardest for both teams, both teams we're locking in their mentality craving this win. But one team wanted it more as they ran a QB run option with star quarter back Ami Dressler who found the hole in the defense faked a few defenders and made his way into the endzone bring their lead up six to 37-24.

The Sus Spiers went into desperations mode and launched a deep pass to the Fried brothers hoping for the best, but Yakov Esshaghian came down with the ball icing the game at 37-24 and ending the U19 Jerusalem flag football league in favor of the Trifectas. It was incredible season full of challenges for both staff and players, but through all the adversity it turned out to be one of the greatest seasons this league has seen yet. Cant wait for next year already, congratulations to Trifectas for holding first place down to end the season blowing out teams left and right and then came up huge for the championship.