FLAG Teenagers


Finally, here after a long year of disturbances. We kicked off the night with the number 1 team Trifectas facing last place Panthers, trifectas used this game as a warmup for the next round and won the first round easily 38-8. 2nd place Sus Spier’s took on The Youngsters as they too used this game as a warmup, and they kept reminding themselves it was 0-0 as they absolutely destroyed 90-0 to move on to the next round too. We would like to see the growth of the 2 last place teams which usually comes next year so keep your heads up and come out next week to play the “toiletbowl” Youngsters Vs Panthers at 7 PM. The next game was 4th place Kfirim vs the 5th place Sheesh Team, it was a battle back and forth as Moshe R. played injured, and Moti couldn’t come. Sheesh Team pulled this one out 18-13 to move on to play the 1 seed Trifecas coming up. On the other side of the field DooDool Tala played The Bolts as Hananel came out strong and scored on the first few drives but The Bolts put the brakes on them at the end of the half. With 5 minutes left The Bolts had a few opportunities to pull of the upset but the 14-point lead was just too much for them as Doodool Tala took this game 33-19.

Round 2 Trifectas absolutely obliterated Sheesh Team to make it to the finals 38-6. It was quick and easy playoffs for the 1 seed so far. After a short break Sus Spier’s were ready to face Doodool Tala, Ami decided to play this game on a bad ankle. We thought this game would be close as it started out that way with great defense on both sides Doodool Tala finally scored and missed the extra point. Sus Spier’s came right back on the next drive to score and get the extra point. Sus Spier’s caused a 4 and out, then drove down the field to score again with the extra point to end the half 14-6. 2nd half was all Sus Spier’s as they just dominated and blew out Doodool Tala 27-6 as they moved on to meet Trifectas in the finals.

Congrats to the 1 and 2 seed teams to making the finals. Come out Monday as our “toiletbowl” Youngsters Vs Panthers at 7 PM and the grand finale Sus Spier’s Vs Trifectas 8:30PM. We will also be naming the MVP for the season there too.