FLAG Teenagers

Last week of the regular season to set the schedule up for the playoffs.

We started off the night with Doodool Tala beating Sheesh Team 28-14. Doodool Tala locked in 3rd place. The next game at 7:30 The Bolts beat up on the last place team Prebors Panthers 39-8. The Kfirim and Youngsters decided not to play so they wouldn’t lose on any position for the playoffs as Youngsters are 7th and Kfirim locked in 4th place. Our featured game of the night Yakov from the Trifectas wrote up a beautiful report to follow:

After an unfortunate week one loss that the Trifectas endured against Sus Spiers they were more ready than ever for their rematch. But unfortunately, much like the game in week one, where star quarter back and front runner MVP Ami Dresser broke his arm, Ami Fried messed up his foot two days prior to the game and had to reluctantly watch from the sideline. The game started out with the Trifectas booming short passes and runs all over the short, staffed Sus Spiers. Ami Dressler managed to escape the pocket with a run option and juking his way down field made it all the way to the end zone for the first score of the game. The extra point was blocked by Yitzi who made a great play on the ball before it could land in anyone's gloves. Sus Spiers then continuously launch the ball to Noam Fried play after play but the passes being broken up almost every time by Ami Dressler. Eventually after a tipped catch by the Trifectas resulting in a pick the Sus Spiers managed to land a throw to Noam deep putting up their first points. The first half continued slowly with both teams making great defensive stops, until David Applebaum caught an easy five an out but with his incredible agility, he managed to take it almost thirty yards down the field dropping every defender and securing another six points for his team. The extra point was caught by Yakov Esshaghian on a quick out making the score 14-6 by half time.

Both teams made their adjustments and came back ready to win. Backup quarterback Yitzi was throwing dimes bringing his team down field all the way to the five-yard line. Fourth and goal they had a chance to tie the game but off of a miscommunication David Applebaum picked it on the goal line and after a few runs and passes Ami Dressler threw a quick throw to Yakov who found his way into the endzone. The extra point was caught by David Applebaum on an easy out. Sus Spiers knew they needed to catch up and decided it was time to make some plays, and they did just that marching all over the Trifectas down the field and again with a fourth and goal one yard away. The Trifectas focused all their attention on Noam leaving another receiver open behind them who made the play caught it and brought the score to 22-12. Ami Dressler led his team down field again with his incredible dual threat pass run capabilities after recognizing a hole in their defense he sent Yakov Esshaghian to exploit it who made a play on the ball, juked one defender, and brought it safely into the endzone making their lead almost impossible to reach. After a big goal line stop made by Azi Deutsch and many clutch sacks by Ezra Katz the game met its end with a toss to Yakov Esshaghian for his third touchdown and then Sus Spiers kneeling it to ice the game. 36-12 in favor of the Trifectas. Both teams share strong respect for each other and hope to meet again with full, healthy rosters in the playoffs for a true showcase if their full potentials.

Please come out this Monday to watch the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals.

Our first matchups will be 1st place Trifectas Vs 8th place Prebor Panthers, 2nd place Sus Spiers Vs 7th place Youngsters, 3rd place Doodool Tala Vs 6th The Bolts and 4th place Kfirim vs 5th place Sheesh Team. We will reseed for the next round games to follow.