FLAG Teenagers

Returned this week to a wonderful night for football as we get closer to the end of the season. The playoffs will be February 21st and championship will be February 28th bearing no weather or health concerns. All 8 teams will be making the playoffs, quarter and semi finals should be the 21st and championship with a toilet bowl should the 28th.

This week was mostly blow outs once again as we kicked off the night at 6:30 with the hot Trifectas powering through the league with once again obliterating another team Prebor Panthers 54-0. 7:15 game was much of the same as the first place Sus Spier’s dominated the second to bottom team Youngsters 72-6. Our 7:30 game was much more of the same as a full Kfirim team powered through the last place Prebor Panthers 52-6. Just to continue the Monday The Bolts had no chance against Sus Spier’s as they cake walked through a short-handed Bolts team 72-12.

Finally, something changed in the night and just like I stated in last weeks article this was not only the game of the week, but it was also the game of the year as a full squadded Kfirim team came to take on the top and hottest team in the league Trifectas. Trifectas started with the ball as Ami ran up and down the field, then threw a beautiful pass to Yakov as ran it in for the quick TD and missed the extra point.

Kfirim came right back and scored, and Mati ran it in for the TD and threw a beautiful extra point to Dovi S. as they took the 7-6 lead. Once again Ami took his team by running and passing all over the field ran it in for the TD and then went for 2 and threw an amazing corner to Yakov to take the 14-7 lead. To no avail Moti cool calm and collective once again ran up and down the field while throwing a dime to Moshe R. all the way down as Yakov quickly grabbed the flag on the 1-yard line, somehow Trifectas made an amazing stop on “D” as they got the ball back with under a minute left. Trifectas then false started which backed them up to the 2 and half yard line.

Ami on the next play went back to pass it and out of nowhere Moshe R. Blocked the ball up in the air got the interception and the TD and missed the extra point to end the half at 14-13 in favor of Trifectas. Kfirim started with the ball to start the second half as they quickly went down the field as Moshe R. made an incredible toe tap catch down to the 5-yard line and then Moti threw it to Nate for the TD once again they missed the extra point but still held on to the lead 19-14.

Trifectas then came down the field with Ami throwing to all his receivers, slowly chewing up the clock got the TD to David A. and completed the 2-point conversion to Yakov in the back corner of the endzone. Down 22-19 Kfirim started with the ball as Moti ran a couple of time and got the first down with only 4 minutes left to the game. Then Trifectas hit Moti as he threw the ball, got an automatic first down only 15 yards from the endzone. Then threw a quick pass to Nate over the middle for an 8-yard gain, on the next play the used the double QB technique as Moti ran it in for the TD, once again missed the extra point to have the lead 25-22 with under a minute left. Ami threw little passes here and there and called both timeouts before getting the 1st down.

On 3rd and short he completed the ball all the way down to the 20-yard line which stops the clock with only 8 seconds left. Yes, its hail Mary time as Ami threw a beautiful pass in triple coverage to Yakov as he amazingly leaped in the air higher than everyone else only to let the ball slip through his hands. Wow what a game as Kfirim got the upset 25-22.

Come out and watch yet another and last regular season game of the year as 1st place Sus Spier’s takes on 2nd place Trifectas on Monday at 8 PM what a way to end the regular season.