FLAG Teenagers

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this week due to coaching the Kfirim tackle team. I heard there were some great games. We Kicked off with Sheesh Team beating up on Prebors Panthers 46-19. The next game Sheesh Team once again made quick work of the Youngsters 38-0. Then came the game of the week Doodool Tala Vs Trifectas, the game started off slow both defenses played amazing shut down football. Right before the end of the half the Trifectas used the double QB option and Ami ran it for a 50-yard TD.

The Extra point Ami threw a perfect ball where only Yakov could make the diving catch. Right when Doodool Tala started with the ball Matan quickly got a safety to end the half 9-0 in favor of Trifectas. The second half was more of the same Doodool Tala started with a quick 4 and out. Ami then quickly threw a pick, and this set up great field position for Doodool Tala.

Hannanel then quickly ran it in from the 6-yard line for the score and they could not get the extra point. Then it was interception after interception, Picks from David, and Yakov. Avi E. also got a beautiful pick off Yakov. With only a couple of minutes left once again Trifectas ran the double QB option, and this time Ami placed a perfect ball up the seem to Yakov for the TD to make the score 15-6. After Trifectas missed the extra point, it was hurry up time for Doodool Tala. Unfortunately, it was more of the same and Trifectas got the ball back off another interception to ice the game at 15-6. Our last game of the night was once again Trifectas making quick work of the Youngsters 48-6.

With only 2 weeks left to the regular season the big game coming up this Monday is Kfirim Vs Trifectas. Trifectas haven’t lost in the past 2 months so lets see which Kfirim team shows up.