FLAG Teenagers

Of course, we had a last second team must cancel due to covid so we couldn’t get our game of the week in. The first game kicked off at 6:30PM It was the YTA matchup Sus Spier’s Vs Prebor Panthers, as expected it was over from the minute it started 56-0. Our 2nd games were Sus Spier’s going against Sheesh Team on field 2. Sus’s Spiers thought they were going to once again wipe through this team, but Yakir spoke pumped his team up and the game close all the way into the late part of the second half as Sus Spier’s held on to the close lead 38-34. Unfortunately, Sheesh team threw a pick and Sus Spier’s quickly scored to end the game 44-34. On field 3 it was the Youngsters Vs Prebors Panthers once again this week but a different result this time to get Prebors Panthers their first win 31-27.

Our 8:30 games were more pieces put together since the cancellations from this week and previous weeks. Kfirim came with a full team this time to face The Bolts. This week The Bolts looked different, better, and stronger. This game was a stalemate all the way into the second half 6-6. With around 10 minutes left the Kfirim quickly scored by throwing the ball all the way down field to Dovi for a TD just after Moshe dropped a wide-open pass. To top it off with the extra point to take a 13-6 lead. The Bolts came back and scored but missed the extra point. With only a few minutes left The Bolts stopped Kfirim from scoring and then Kfirim did the same to end the game and win it 13-12. On Field 3 Doodool Tala shorthanded came to play Youngsters thinking it would be a blow out, but Youngsters held their own as they made it much closer than expected Doodool Tala took the win 36-29.

Our final game of the night was the best as all the spectators and players from previous games came to watch, it was Doodool Tala Vs The Bolts. Like I stated earlier the bolts looked different today. This game was just scoring non stop drive after drive again this was a very shorthanded Doodool Tala as it was mostly just Ben alone doing all this, he was beat and tired at half time as the score was 20-19 in favor of Doodool Tala. The second half was all The Bolts as they held Doodool Tala to 2 TDs in the 2nd half and they scored 3 all without the extra points as the held on to the upset to win 37-34.

Please come out next week as we will once again try to have The game of the week at 8PM the former JTP team will play brother vs brothers, best of friends, classmates and neighbors face each other the number 2 team Trifectas Vs DooDool Tala.