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Boca Chokas and Bonanza Boyz battled it out in a clash of the top 2 teams in Division 2. Neither team came ahead in this high-flying tie.

Shet Sharks narrowly beat Lev Mordechai, squeaking past them in a 20-18 win. They are looking more vulnerable by the week, and will need to revert back to their early-season form if they want to have any post-season success.

The Jclay Mob took on the undefeated Mercaz Moosen, and it looked to be a possible first loss for Mercaz in this tight game, before Mercaz won on the last drive, taking this thrilling game 13-6.

The Rebbishe Vikings have come out firing lately, with another big win. Despite it being against one of the lower ranked teams in the division, they are looking to be revamped since their early-season meltdowns. They could sneak into the playoffs and be a very tough out.

The Doug's pitched a huge shutout against Sha'alvim, jumping all the way to 4th in their divisional standings, just ahead of Sha'alvim. This division standings race is looking closer than ever.