WAFI WEEK 9 (27.12)

FLAG Women center

Paige’s Lakers vs Jerry’s Giants

Jerry’s Giants, the season's underdog team, prepared to play against some of the most senior players of the league with only 4 players! The first touchdown for Paige’s Lakers was by Nechama Brickner, and Mayan Caplan kept sacking the QB. Jerry’s Giants scored a touchdown and Hadassah Moryosef had some awesome dives. By the second half, Ora Gold scored another touchdown for Paige’s Lakers, and Tova Hornstien scored for Jerry’s Giants. Defense was strong, but Jerry’s Giants scored another 2 touchdowns and 2 extra points, giving them the game at 12-22.

Paige’s Lakers MVP was Mayan Caplan and Jerry’s Giants MVP was Hadassah Moryosef.

Pizzeria Efrat vs Big Blue

WAFI’s 2 top teams played each other for the first time, with neither of them having lost a game, both teams played for #1 spot in the standings. Big Blue QB Roni Kahn threw a long pass to Racheli Abel who caught it and ran it into the end-zone! Pizzeria Efrat fought back, when the ball fell right into Mollie Eisen’s hands, running it to a touchdown. Big Blue scored many more touchdowns, and Pizzeria’s Nili Kessler sacked the quarterback twice.

The game ended 25-13 to Big Blue.

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Nili Kessler and Big Blue MVP was Daniella Friedman.

Modiin Flames vs Efrat Football Club

Starting the game off strong with an amazing touchdown by Esther Feldhemmer and an insane pick six from Shelby Bienstock from Efrat Football Club! Modiin Flames played insane defense pulling flags left and right, but Efrat Football Club prevailed scoring touchdown after touchdown. Reut Ravivi, as this was her first season ever intercepted and scored her first touchdown! In the second half, Zazi Lipman caught a 10 yard pass from QB Tali Shcwartz, and ran it all the way to score the first touchdown for Modiin Flames!

The game ended in a whopping score of 6-38 to Efrat Football Club.

Modiin Flames MVP was Tali Schwartz and מועדון פוטבול אפרת MVP was Rivka Weinberg.