WAFI WEEK 8 (13.12)

FLAG Women center

Jerry’s Giants vs Modiin Flames

Modiin Flames started the game playing an insane offense, with Elisheva Abraham catching the ball in the end of the end of the end zone. Jerry’s Giants fought back by intercepting passes and advancing yards. In the second half, Jerry’s Giants quarterback Tova Hornstien handed the ball off to Amalia Litwin who passed it back to Tova, who ran it all the way to the end zone! The extra point was scored by Dina Vahava. Next, Elisheva Abraham caught a ball in the end zone and sat down, then for the extra point, Elisheva jumped up so high she stole the moon. On fourth down in the second half, Breindy Dombrowsky from Jerry’s Giants ran into the end zone, and being wide open, caught the ball and scored a touchdown!

The game ended with the close score of 19-14 to Modiin Flames.

Modiin Flames MVP was Talia Shcwartz and Jerry’s Giants MVP was Bassi Ruskin.

Pizzeria Efrat vs Paige’s Lakers

After two weeks away, Pizzeria Efrat came back ready for a fight. Starting off with Paige's Lakers touchdown by Elisheva Marcus, the team tried for an extra point, when the pass from Cindy Scarr was intercepted by Eta Cohnen in the end zone. Eta then ran the ball all the way to the other end zone, giving Pizzeria Efrat a touchdown. In the second half, Eliana Groner from Pizzeria Efrat intercepted a pass from the 10 yard line, running it back into the end zone. As they advanced, Pizzeria was about to score another touchdown, when Nechama Brickner pulled the runners flag just 6 yards away from the end zone!

The score was 27-6 to Pizzeria Efrat.

Paige’s Lakers MVP was Danya Aryeh and Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Neely Saker.

Eagles vs Efrat Football Club

As Eagles gear up for an intense double header, Efrat Football Club welcome back their star player Rivka Weinberg, after taking time off to play in the world championships. Starting the game off with an insane interception by Shelby Bienstock at the 15 yard line, running it back to score a beautiful touchdown. In the next play, starting from the 10 yard line, Rivka Weinberg played a handoff with quarterback Bayla Greenblum and ran it all the way across the field to score another touchdown. Eagles fought back, pulling flags, intercepting passes and Tzipora Peritzman sacking the quarterback, but Efrat Football Club took the game with a score of 59-0.

Eagles MVP was Esther Guedalia and Efrat Football Club MVP was Rivka Weinberg.

Big Blue vs Eagles

After the tiring game against Efrat Football Club, Eagles returned to the field to play against Big Blue. In the first half, captain Elisheva Baumol scored a beautiful touchdown, after a pass from quarterback Roni Kahn. Eagles quarterback Meira Dobkin threw a 20 yard pass to Lielle Grunstien, and Elisheva Baumol tried intercepting with one hand knocking the ball away, and another pulling her flag. In the second half, Eagles fought hard on defence, pulling flags and intercepting passes, but Big Blue prevailed, when Jordana Hauzer scored a touchdown and Elisheva Baumol, another. The game ended 27-0 to Big Blue.

Big Blue MVP was Elisheva Baumol and Eagles MVP was Meira Dobkin.