WAFI WEEK 13 (24.1)

FLAG Women center

Modiin Flames vs Jerry’s Giants

After a long rainy day, the sky cleared up for an awesome night of football. Modiin Flames and Jerry’s Giants return to play each other for Modiin Flames last game before the playoffs. Modiin started offense with quarterback Tali Schwartz running in 15 yards. After an unsuccessful play, Jerry’s Giants started off strong with a 25 yard pass to Hadassah, who caught it and advanced a few more yards before Tali Schwartz pulled her flag. In the next play, Miriam Wolf sacked the qb! Tova then played a handoff with Bassi who ran a good 6 yards before Eliana Raz pulled her flag. On third down, Miriam sacked the quarterback again, and Tali intercepted the next pass, returning the ball to them. Modiin Flames advanced quickly, gaining 20 yards in the first pass to Eliana Raz and another 10 in the pass to Shira Liber, but her flag was pulled by Dina Vahava. A few fun injuries later, Flames defense was on point, not letting Jerry’s Giants pass the half, and shockingly, Miriam Wolf sacked the qb. In the next play, Bassi Ruskin intercepted a pass and gained 10 yards before getting her flag pulled by Shira Liber. As Jerry’s Giants went for the first touchdown, Tali Schwartz intercepted in the end zone, and ran 10 yards in the other direction. In the next play, Modiin Flames scored the first touchdown of the game, when Eliana Raz caught a 20 yard pass in the end zone! In the second half, Jerry’s Giants fought back, with Hadassah Moryosef scoring a touchdown. But right before that Miriam Wolf sacked the qb. Modiin Flames started offense when Amalia Littwin intercepted and ran it into the end zone, scoring a beautiful pick-six! Modiin Flames tried to match the score. Talya Kishineff caught the ball and ran it 15 yards. In the next play, Shira snapped the ball to Talya Kishineff, who threw it to Elisheva Avraham, who ran it, as everyone was confused, and scored a touchdown! Ending the game in 19-6 to Jerry’s Giants!

Jerry’s Giants MVP was Hadassah Moryosef and Modiin Flames MVP was Miriam Wolf.

Paige’s Lakers vs Pizzeria Efrat

Paige’s Lakers started off with a strong offense, advancing 10 yards with each play, when, on third down, Neely Saker intercepted the pass and ran back 5 yards before Elisheva Marcus pulled her flag. Starting now on the 30 yard line, Eta Cohnen caught the pass from qb Sima Solomon and ran it 5 yards before Elisheva Marcus pulled her flag. The same play repeated when Sima threw the pass to Eta who caught it, but Elisheva stood by, waiting to pull her flag the minute she caught the ball. With Pizzeria Efrat just 10 yards away from the end zone, they tried getting the catch twice, but both were incomplete. On the last try, Eliana jumped for the ball and caught it, but was out of bounds. The ball returned to Paige’s Lakers qb Cindy Scarr, who threw the ball to Maayan Caplan who was wide open. Maayan gained 15 yards and looked like she was about to run all the way when Neely Saker flew in and pulled her flag. In the next play, Sima threw an insane 30 yard pass to Eta, who was open, and ran it all the way into the end zone, for the first touchdown of the game! Paige’s Lakers fought harder on offense, with Cindy throwing an awesome 25 yard throw to Ora Gold who caught the ball and advanced a few yards before Eta pulled her flag. For the next play, Cindy did a handoff with Maayan, advancing them another few yards, but they did not get a touchdown. Next, Neely caught the ball, but once again, Elisheva Marcus was waiting for her, pulling out both of her flags before she could advance. Mollie Eisen got the next touchdown, catching the ball in the end zone. Her twin, Emma Eisen, scored the extra point. Starting offense again, Cindy took her chances and threw a 20 yard pass to Maayan, who ran it all the way into the end zone with Eta on her tail for Paige’s Lakers first touchdown! In the second half, Pizzeria Efrat’s pass was intercepted by Ora, who ran it 25 yards, dodging every player, straight into the end zone for a beautiful pick six! Ora also scored the extra point. Two plays later, Neely ran with the ball, dodging every flag pull, just 5 yards away from the end zone when Elisheva Marcus ran by pulling her flag. Adiella Cohnen played QB in the second half, throwing the ball to Eliana Groner who was just inches away from the end zone, scoring another touchdown for Pizzeria Efrat. Then, Adiella intercepted Paige's Lakers throw, gaining 15 yards with it. Sister duo was back at it when Adiella threw the ball to Eta, who ran it into the end zone for another touchdown. In the attempt for the extra point, Maayan sacked the QB. When Paige’s Lakers started offense, Sima rushed the QB with her hand up, immediately knocking the ball down as soon as it left the quarterback’s hand. Then Emma got a 20 yard throw knocked on her head, but she’s fine. For the next touchdown, Eta beautifully intercepted a pass and executed a beautiful pick six. Mollie Eisen caught the extra point, ending the game with 31-13 to Pizzeria Efrat.

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Adiella Cohnen and Paige’s Lakers MVP was Elisheva Marcus.