WAFI WEEK 11 (10.1)

FLAG Women center

Modiin Flames vs Pizzeria Efrat

When a game gets canceled but then un-canceled, you know it’s worth it. Pizzeria Efrat short half their players, coaches and one recovering from an injury, and Modiin Flames short both of their qb’s, both teams came for a fight. Pizzeria Efrat started on offense and quickly got a touchdown, with a pass from qb Adiella Cohnen, who almost got sacked by Elisheva Avraham, threw to Eliana Groner who was wide open on the 30 yard line, and ran it all the way to the end zone. Modiin Flames started offense with Eliana Raz filling in as qb, who threw a pass to Adina Skemsky, advancing a few yards. After a few incomplete passes, Pizzeria Efrat returned to offense, when Elisheva Avraham sacked the qb.Adiella pushed back however, intercepting a Modiin Flames pass and running it to the end zone for a beautiful pick six. Eta then got the extra 2 points. Oh, and she was literally limping. In the second half, Eliana Raz threw the ball to Talya Kishineff, who turned around and knocked Nili Kessler down, causing them both to fall. No one was injured and everyone laughed. In the next play, Sima Solomon threw a 20 yard pass to Adiella who caught it and turned to run it down 20 yards to the end zone. With Sophie Joseph on Adiella’s tail, she was about to get a touchdown when Zazi Lipman came out of left field, literally, slid, and pulled Adiella’s flag just 5 yards before the end zone! Starting at the 5 yard line, Pizzeria Efrat kept trying to get the touchdown. On first down, Talya Kishineff intercepted. In the second try the QB was sacked. Third try was an incomplete pass, and just when we all thought, the fourth try was successful, with Eliana Groner catching the ball, giving them another touchdown. The score ended with 21-0 to Pizzeria Efrat.

Modiin Flames MVP was Eliana Raz and Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Eta Cohnen.

Big Blue vs Jerry’s Giants

The game started with a bit of foreshadowing, starting off with Monica sacking Jerry’s Giants quarterback. With Big Blue on offense, quarterback Roni Kahn did a hand-off with Daniella Friedman on the 30 yard line, and she ran it all the way down the field, about to get the touchdown when Deena Hornstien pulled her flag just 5 yards before the end zone. Margalit Abell got the touchdown for Big Blue in the next play. Jerry’s Giants played a really good offense, but the Big Blue defense was stronger, with Daniella Friedman blocking almost every pass. When Big Blue returned to offense, Bassi Ruskin sacked the quarterback, but in the next play, Roni threw an insane 20 yard pass to Eli Baumol who caught it, advancing them and allowing Daniella Friedman to get the next touchdown. Big Blue went for an extra point but Tova Hornstien intercepted the pass and knocked the ball down. Next, QB Tova Hornstien played a handoff with her sister Deena who advanced 10 yards before getting her flag pulled by Dana Hauser. In the second half, Jerry’s Giants started offense and Monica sacked the QB. Then she did it again. Then she did it again. Then on fourth down, she did it again but Tova threw the ball first, Eli Baumol intercepting. Big Blue jumped back on offense and Daniella Friedman scored another touchdown. Down a lot of points but not discouraged, Jerry’s Giants QB played a hand-off with Bassi Ruskin who ran in, almost got her flag pulled 3 times, but the girl was too fast, passed all the big blue players and ran a good 40 yards to the end zone, giving Jerry’s Giants their touchdown! Jerry’s Giants started picking up speed, with Deena intercepting a 20 yard pass, running it in the other direction when Eli pulled her flag. Then Monica did something that no one expected, she sacked the QB, and the game ended 24-6 to Big Blue.

Jerry’s Giants MVP was Tova Hornstien and Big Blue MVP was Elisheva Baumol