WAFI WEEK 10 (3.1)

FLAG Women center

Week 10 (3.1)

Modiin Flames vs Paige’s Lakers

Modiin Flames geared up to play Paige’s Lakers for the second time, after losing to them the first, and missing both of their quarterbacks. Paige’s Lakers got on the field with a “that ball is mine!” mindset and good spirits. The game started with Paige’s Lakers on offense, starting off with two handoffs, one a fake handoff, gaining them around 10 yards each time. Paige’s Lakers advanced and scored the first touchdown with Mayan Caplan catching Cindy’s throw in the end zone. The extra point was scored by Ora Gold. Modiin Flames fought back advancing many yards with each throw from Talya Kishineff, who stepped in as qb. Modiin Flames touchdown was scored by Elisheva Avraham, who caught the ball on the 10 yard line and ran it into the end zone. The extra point was scored by Miriam Wolf and Elisheva (it was a shared effort). With Paige’s Lakers back on offense, Mayan Caplan scored another touchdown, rushing with the ball. Batsheva Samuels intercepted a pass from Modiin Flames, leading to Paige’s Lakers third touchdown, also by Mayan Caplan. Many flag pulls, sacks and all the things that typically happen during a game of flag football, the game ended with 19-7 to Paige’s Lakers. With a thumbs up from Cindy and a “Well we were missing both our QBs so that was fun” from Miriam, we can confidently conclude that this game was average plus.

Paige’s Lakers MVP was Mayan Caplan and Modiin Flames MVP was Elisheva Avraham.

Big Blue vs Efrat Football Club

With playoffs around the corner, teams have been going head to head for the number one spot. Big Blue, who beat Pizzeria Efrat last week, securing their #1 spot in the standings, played Efrat Football Club, last seasons champions. Efrat Football Club started on defense, with an amazing pick six by Raquella Raiz. Big Blue started the offense with 2 sacks from Zahava Weinberg. On the third try, qb Roni Kahn threw a pass to Eli Baumol who fumbled but caught the ball and advanced a few yards before getting her flag pulled by Rivka. Efrat Football Club were about to get their second touchdown, with Big Blue having none, when Avi Goldrich caught the ball in the end zone and ran it the other way, gaining 15 yards. Efrat Football Club scored another touchdown when Rivka intercepted a 30 yard throw and ran it all the way back into the end zone. Big Blue started offense when Tehila Lowenstien intercepted the pass, and ran it into the end zone, giving them another touchdown. In the second half, Tiferet Atkin qb’d for Efrat Football Club, but couldn’t get far because Dana kept intercepting the pass and pulling flags. On third down, Tiferet threw a 30 yard pass to Esther Feldhemmer who caught it, advancing them, but Tiferet could not get the play because Big Blue defense was too strong. Big Blue’s touchdown (it is currently unknown when this happened) was an awesome throw from Roni Kahn to Dana Hauser who caught it in the end zone!

After an extremely competitive game, both teams played tough, but the game eventually ended with 39-6 to Efrat Football Club.

Big Blue MVP was Daniella Friedman and Efrat Football Club MVP was Bayla Greenblum.