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Pizzeria Efrat vs Jerry’s Giants – for 3rd place

As they prepare for the last game of their season, Pizzeria Efrat gets ready to defend their 3rd place title from last year, and Jerry’s Giants fight for the chance to place third, as the season’s underdogs. Fans surrounded the field in anticipation of the game’s outcome, Jerry's Giants starting with the ball. Quarterback Tova Hornstein threw a bunch of great passes, as they moved closer to the half with each down. On fourth down, Tova threw the ball to Amalia Littwin, who caught it, and started running toward the half when Pizzeria Efrat captain Mollie Eisen pulled her flag out, not even a foot away from the half line. Pizzeria Efrat started with the ball when Hadassah Moryosef, captain of Jerry’s Giants intercepted a pass and ran it into the end zone, with the first touchdown of the game to Jerry’s Giants! For the extra point, Tova threw the ball back to Hadassah who was wide open. Pizzeria EFrat returned to offence, with Adiella Cohnen as quarterback, throwing 10-15 yard passes and advancing each time until the team reached the end zone and got a beautiful touchdown. Just before the half was called, Pizzeria Efrat got another touchdown when Adiella did a handoff with sister Eta Cohnen, who ran it 10 yards, swerving between flag pulls, and straight into the end zone. Before they could get an extra 2 points, Oriyah Goodman sacked the Pizzeria Efrat qb. Jerry’s Giants jumped back on offence with a 20 yard pass from the QB to Amalia. Just as Jerry’s Giants were about to get a touchdown, Eta and Eliana together intercepted the pass, returning the ball to Pizzeria Efrat. Pizzeria Efrat advanced quickly, with a 15 yard pass and a 10 yard pass, passing the half line. With each try to get a touchdown, Jerry’s Giants intercepted every pass, stopping Pizzeria Efrat in their tracks, and the game ended 7-18 to Pizzeria Efrat, locking them in as 3rd placement of the season, and Jerry’s Giants as 4th place!

Big Blue vs Efrat Football Club- for 1st place

The highly anticipated game arrived. Big Blue vs Efrat Football Club in the championship game, the same game as last season. Will מועדון פוטבול אפרת claim their 1st place spot from last year, or will Big Blue undermine them, and take 1st place for themselves. With Big Blue starting offence, on fourth down, Rivka Weinberg sprinted forward, quickly sacking the Big Blue quarterback, giving מועדון פוטבול אפרת the ball. Bayla Greenblum played quarterback for מועדון פוטבול אפרת, throwing successful 10 yard passes to Adi Shulman and Rivka Weinberg, advancing slowly toward the half line, but Big Blue kept pulling flags, stopping the players in their tracks after catching the ball. On third down, Tiferet Atkin ran ahead, making herself open to catch the 25 yard pass from Bayla, ran all the way into the end zone, giving her team the first touchdown of the game! For the extra point, Esther Feldhemmer caught the ball beautifully in the end zone. Big Blue started the offence with a beautiful pass from QB Roni Kahn to team captain Eli Baumol, gaining 20 yards. Two plays later, Big Blue got their first touchdown and an extra point! Rivka Weinberg got the next touchdown after a beautiful pass from Bayla into the end zone, and Shelby Bienstock got the extra point. After a long and intense game, both teams came together and fought hard as a team, but the winners of WAFI’s 2022 season were Efrat Football Club winning with 25-19!