About WAFI

The Women's American Football in Israel (WAFI) is a women's flag football league focused on creating a positive, safe and fun environment for the women and girls who play the game. The WAFI organization was founded in 2004 by Steve Leibowitz. One evening he noticed a group of young girls throwing around a football as they watched a men's game. He approached the girls and asked them if they would be interested in playing. Steve mentioned that there was an international tournament taking place in the Dominican Republic and it would be great to send a women's team to join the men. The girls were excited about the possibility of playing and representing Israel – this was the beginning of the Israel Women's National Flag Football team, but it was also the start of the WAFI organization. After the girls returned from the Dominican, they formed a four team league and began to teach other players so that they too would become productive members of WAFI. WAFI currently has over 300 women and girls playing the sport for 21 teams all year round. The national team continues to work hard and develop with each year. Coached by Yonah Mishaan, the national team is made up of 12 women who train year round for tournaments throughout Europe. They started off as young inexperienced players, but over the years they have developed their skills and talents to be one of the most recognized teams in women's international flag football. WAFI is also a nonprofit organization here solely for the success of the sport of women's flag and tackle football in Israel.

In Brief

WAFI is a member organization of teams who play locally and also nationally. WAFI enables its flag member teams to function independently, to realize their talents and skills, and provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and team work. Women from these flag teams, or anyone, who are looking into furthering their talents in flag football can tryout for the Israel national team which plays in tournaments around the world.

WAFI Vision

To create and promote women's flag football, women's national flag football, and a full tackle women's football team which are focused on creating a positive, safe and fun environment for the women who play football and provide opportunities for athletes to further their future with this great American sport. We want to be the driving force that gives all women the opportunity to play American flag and tackle football here in Israel.

WAFI Supporters

Robert and Myra Kraft have been one of the driving forces behind flag football in Israel. Every single day of the week Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem is occupied by flag and tackle football players, – men, women, and youth. American Flag Football in Israel (AFI) is grateful for the support and dedication the Kraft's have shown over the years. Mrs. Kraft had shown particular interest in the development of WAFI and was one of the league's first fans making sure that the women of Israel were also afforded the opportunity to play football. Not only was she the first fan she helped with the development of women's flag football in Israel and was especially dedicated to the growth and improvement of the National Team. Even though Mrs. Kraft is not physically with us anymore she remains an integral member of WAFI and the Women's National Flag Football Team.

The Kraft's were the first to sponsor women's play in Israel and continues to sponsor our organization. The National Team feels fortunate and privileged to have the support of such dedicated sponsors.