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The Birds & The Bees – vs – Drunk Koalas

Final Score: 39-0

Our first game of the night was an epic showdown between The Birds & The Bees and the Drunk Koalas. Great plays and great moves were made by both teams, with the Birds & The Bees ultimately coming out on top. The Drunk Koalas started the game on offense, but with their first possesion threw a pick 6 to Eliyahu Farkas. Although Dani 'Mike' Mikhailov was unsuccessful in converting the extra point, that didn't slow his mojo one bit. With hips that clearly lie (Shakira, you have no idea), Mike had 4 pick 6's and two additional interceptions. That boy's hips drop it like it's hot as he danced he way across the field on multiple occasions. Not to be outshone, Avrami Farkas also came away with a nice interception. Michal Farkas, clearly wanting to put the boys in their place, had an interception of her own, as well as a sack (her first of the season). And where in all of this are the Drunk Koalas you may ask? They played some pretty solid football, but this just wasn't their week. Final score, Birds & The Bees take it 39-0.

The Boys and The Weinbergs – vs – Girl Scout Dropouts

Final Score: 34-6

Our second game of the night was a showdown between The Boys and The Weinbergs and the Girl Scout Dropouts. As the game started the Girl Scout Dropouts has their defense step up to stop the intimidating Boys and Weinbergs offense with help from their two safetys Zeev Geller and Tani Greenwald. For the first part of the game their were no points on the board until the Girl Scouts fresh new quarterback Yehuda Markson came in and threw 2 pick 6s (Maybe they should have stuck with Geller? Gotta take that up with the team manager) and then the Boys and the Weinbergs took on another touchdown to bring the game to 20-0. But the Girl Scouts didn’t back down as the QB Shaul Geller threw a beautiful pass to Tani Greenwald and with a perfectly legal block from Zeev Geller, Tani Greenwald scored a touchdown but that wasn’t enough as the boys and the Weinbergs were just to much to be stopped, coming away with a final score of 34-6.

God Hates Flags – vs – Sofa King Good

Final Score: 34-0

Game three between God Hates Flags and Sofa King Good was a one sided battle as God Hates Flags took the field by storm, and didn't quit until the final whistle had blown. Despite great throws from Sofa Kings Obie Jones, and a great sack by their rusher Bella Weill, the final whistle was in favor of God Hates flags, who came away with a 34-0 win.

WTF – vs – Pick 6+1

Final Score: 25-25

If you were to ask any sports fan what is worse than a loss? They would clearly answer with 'a tie'. Unfortunately, that is exactly how one of our most anticipated games of the season ended. WTF, the 2017 COED Champions, took on Pick 6+1 the reigning 2018 champions in a heated and intense battle. Each team had two crucial interceptions at just the right moment, that really kept the crowd on their toes. Both QBs, Jerome Wojtalik and Moshe "Moneymo" Shear utilized both their superior throwing arms and their fleet footed skills to advance the ball up field. There were two chances for Pick 6+1 to put the game away, both were broken up by stellar defense from WTFs Sait Bailey and Tuvi Abell. And although the game left a bitter taste in some of the players mouths, everyone walked away as friends and with vows to see each other again, preferably in the championship game.

Our last game of the night was a makeup game from the previous week between God Hates Flags and The Boys & The Weinbergs. The final score was 20-13 in Favor of The Boys and The Weinbergs.