FM Home Loans Men's Flag Football League – Week 14

פלאג בוגרים ירושלים


Eretz Bucks vs Orayta

The Eretz Bucks dominated Orayta in a commanding 25-13 victory. The game was all Bucks from the start, with quarterback Matthew Mendelsohn throwing for 4 touchdown passes in the first half. Two of those touchdowns were caught by wide receiver Caleb Rosenfeld, who had a tremendous game. The Bucks' offense was on fire in the first half, with Mendelsohn also connecting with tight end Jarrett Lazarus for a touchdown and wide receiver Josh Teich for another. Teich's touchdown was particularly impressive, as he made a great cutback and found a seam to score. The first half ended with the Bucks leading 25-0. Orayta's defense stepped up in the second half, holding the Bucks scoreless. They also managed to get on the board themselves, with quarterback Joe Sassoon hitting wide receiver Jacob Shapiro for a 52-yard touchdown. The extra point was good, making the score 25-7. The Orayta offense continued to fight, with Sassoon connecting with wide receiver Aryeh Padwa for a 47-yard catch and run. The next play, Sassoon threw a touchdown pass to Judah Tawil, a great fit into a tight closing window. The Orayta defense was able to hold off Bucks, who now struggled to move the ball. Orayta’s defense came up big with a sack by defensive lineman Cody Goldblatt, forcing the Bucks to punt. In the end, the Bucks defense held strong and Orayta was unable to score again. The final score was 25-13, with the Eretz Bucks coming out victorious.

David’s Cookie Monsters vs TO

The TO team faced off against the David's Cookies Monsters in a highly anticipated matchup. The game was filled with intense moments and great plays from both teams, but ultimately it was TO who came out on top with a 19-18 victory. The game began with TO's first drive ending in a punt after two batted balls at the line of scrimmage. On the next drive, QB Isaac Berry ran for 17 yards on 2nd and long to get the first down, but the drive ultimately ended in a turnover on downs. TO took advantage of the opportunity and QB Tzvi Lieber found WR Mordy Purec for a 25-yard touchdown. The extra point was good, putting TO up 7-0. The Cookie Monsters were quick to respond. On 3rd and long, Berry threw a deep pass down the sideline to WR Assaf, who made a great catch to get the first down. The drive was then slowed down by star defensive lineman Nachi Lefton, who notched his first sack of the game. Lefton then doubled down on the next play, getting his second sack of the game. The Cookie Monsters went for it on 4th and 25, and Assaf made another spectacular catch in the end zone for a touchdown. However, the extra point was no good, making the score 7-6 in favor of TO. TO's next drive quickly ended on an interception by Assaf, but TO’s defense stood strong and caused the Cookie Monsters to stall out at the 4-yard line. TO took over and drove the field. They scored on an out route to Purec, his 2nd TD of the game. The extra point was no good, making the score 13-6. With :58 seconds remaining until halftime, the Cookie Monsters were looking to score again quickly. They did just that, with Berry running for a 60-yard touchdown. The extra point was no good, making the score 13-12 in favor of TO at halftime. The Cookie Monsters received the ball to begin the second half. On 2nd down, Assaf made another insane catch on a jump ball deep downfield. The Cookie Monsters were now set up in the red zone. Nachi Lefton broke free again and got his 3rd sack of the game, making it 2nd down and goal from the 9-yard line. Lefton continued his dominant performance, getting back-to-back sacks (his 4th of the game) on 3rd down, making it 3rd and goal from the 14-yard line for the Cookie Monsters. The Cookie Monsters got stood up once again in the red zone and turned it over back to TO. TO tried to take advantage of the opportunity but Lieber picked off again. The Cookie Monsters took the ball back inside the 10 yard line. On 3rd down, Lefton got another sack, causing it to be a long 4th and goal. The Cookie Monsters stalled out once again. TO took over and WR Kali caught a quick slant, then took off up the sideline getting 19 yards. On the next play, Kali got the ball on a screen pass, and took it to the house for a TD. The extra point was no good, making the score 19-12. The Cookie Monsters drove and scored fast, but the extra point was no good, making the score 19-18. TO then went 3 and out, punting the ball back to the Cookie Monsters with :35 seconds left in the game, making this a very exciting stretch to finish. The Cookie Monsters went down the field quickly, getting out of bounds every play because they had no timeouts left. The game ended on back-to-back Lefton sacks, his 6th and 7th of the game, causing the clock to run out. The final score was 19-18 TO over David’s Cookie Monsters.

DEC vs Pizzeria Efrat

DEC defeated Pizzeria Efrat in a hard-fought game, with a final score of 20-13. The game was filled with exciting plays and intense moments, with both teams showing a strong effort on the field. Pizzeria Efrat started the game with the ball, but on their first play from scrimmage, DEC defensive lineman Efriam Najman made a huge sack, backing up Pizzeria to their own 1-yard line. On 3rd down, DEC's Noam Moore knocked the ball down at the line of scrimmage, leading to a punt. However, the punt went over the punter's head and through the back of the endzone, resulting in a safety. DEC started their drive from their own 25-yard line and, in his AFI debut, Tzvi Sklar got a sack. On 2nd down, wide receiver Yaakov Rabinowitz caught a 20-yard catch. They continued to move the ball down the field but ultimately stalled out at the 8-yard line. Pizzeria Efrat took over but, just like their first play, DEC's Najman broke free and recorded his second sack of the game. Pizzeria moved the ball to the 50-yard line with a series of catches, but ultimately turned it over on downs. DEC then managed to move the ball quickly downfield and scored a touchdown, with quarterback Tzvi Greenstone finding Rabinowitz wide open on the sideline. Pizzeria Efrat responded with a touchdown of their own, but DEC was able to score again before halftime, leading 14-6. In the second half, Pizzeria Efrat was able to score again, but DEC's defense was able to hold them off and secure the victory. With only 2:35 remaining and down by 7, Pizzeria attempted an onside kick, converted it, but it was unable to score before time ran out. Overall, it was a thrilling game with both teams putting up a strong effort. DEC's defense came up big and ultimately secured the victory for the team. Final score 20-13 DEC.

Kedma- Bnei Akiva vs EarBiters

The EarBiters and Kedma- Bnei Akiva teams faced off in a closely contested game. The EarBiters started with the ball, but were quickly driven backward on a sack from Shua Schuchman of Kedma. On 3rd down, EarBiters quarterback Yitzy Tannenbaum threw a pick to Illan Horn of Kedma, who secured it after bobbling it for an interception. Kedma capitalized on the turnover with a 25-yard touchdown pass from QB Isaac Thurm to WR Abie Schwartz. The extra point was good, giving Kedma a 7-0 lead. The EarBiters struggled to move the ball and eventually punted it back to Kedma. Kedma also struggled and turned the ball over on downs after a 4th down pass went out of bounds, over the head of the intended receiver. The EarBiters then strung together a series of completions and had a chance to score, but Kedma intercepted a pass on a slant route. Kedma set up in the red zone, but couldn't score and threw another interception on a tipped pass to EarBiters CB Amittai Najman-Licht. The EarBiters took over and QB Tannenbaum ran for 15 yards before completing a 37-yard pass to WR Jason Bick. Bick then scored a 6-yard touchdown, and the extra point was good, tying the game at 7-7. Neither team could score before halftime. In the second half, Amittai intercepted another pass. EarBiters QB Yitzy Tannenbaum was then sacked in the end zone for a safety by Kedma DL Mordy Ostreicher, giving Kedma a 9-7 lead. Kedma extended their lead with another touchdown and a failed extra point, making the score 15-7. EarBiters punted again, and Kedma scored another touchdown on a pass to WR Abie Schwartz, his 2nd touchdown of the game. The extra point was good, giving Kedma a 22-7 lead. The EarBiters tried to mount a comeback, with Jason Bick catching a 10-yard reception and Noam Fried catching a 15-yard reception, setting up a 26-yard touchdown to Noam Fried. After a defensive INT by EarBiter’s Noam Fried, EarBiters made their way downfield quickly. However, the clock ran out on them and Kedma secured a 22-13 victory.

Chofetz Chaim Chassidim vs Baboons

In a matchup between the Chofetz Chaim Chassidim and the Baboons, the Chassidim emerged victorious with a final score of 37-7. The game was dominated by the Chassidim's offensive and defensive efforts, as they were able to score multiple touchdowns and intercept the Baboons multiple times. The Chassidim started off strong with a 33 yard touchdown from QB Yisroel Wasser to WR Gavriel Lubin, with the extra point being good. This set the tone for the rest of the game, as the Chassidim continued to dominate the Baboons on both sides of the ball. The Baboons threw an interception to CB Aryeh Fromowitz, which allowed the Chassidim to take over and score another touchdown, through a 23 yard reception to WR Naftali Hollander, and on the next play Wasser waltzing in for the 12 yard TD run. Unfortunately, the extra point was no good, putting the Chassidim up 13-0. The Baboons began to drive, but the Chassidim's defensive line was able to sack the Baboons' quarterback, making it 3rd and long. The Baboons were unable to convert on their next play, which resulted in a punt. The punt went directly into the Baboon offensive lineman’s backside and went backward, coming to a rest on the Baboons' own 13 yard line. The Chassidim then scored another touchdown through a 13 yard run by Wasser (his 2nd rushing TD of the game), but again the extra point was no good. At halftime, the score was 19-0 in favor of the Chassidim. The Baboons were able to score a touchdown in the 2nd half through a jump ball 43 yard TD from WR Dani Hess, but it was not enough to overcome the Chassidim's lead. The Chassidim continued to score with a 44 yard reception from Mordechai Davidowitz and a 12 yard touchdown catch by Gavriel Lubin, who had his 2nd of the game, but XP no good. The Chassidim were able to intercept the ball multiple times in the second half, with Eldad Cohen picking it off and scoring a 35 yard pick-six (his 2nd INT of the game) putting the score at 31-7. The Baboons were unable to move the ball and the Chassidim scored one last touchdown, with WR Davidowitz ending the game with a 37 yard TD catch, putting the final score at 37-7 in favor of the Chofetz Chaim Chassidim. It was a dominant performance by the Chassidim, who controlled the game from start to finish. Their defense was able to shut down the Baboons' offense and their offense was able to score multiple touchdowns. The Chofetz Chaim Chassidim will look to carry this momentum into their next game as they aim to continue their winning streak.


Converse Dating vs Omni

The game between Converse Dating and Omni was a high-stakes matchup between two evenly matched teams. The game started with Omni receiving the ball and making a 35 yard reception to WR Moshe Lieberman. This set the tone for the game and set the stage for a strong offensive showing from Omni. Their quarterback, Avi Zern, then connected again with WR Moshe Leiberman for a 1 yard touchdown, putting Omni ahead 6-0. Converse got the ball next but their drive was quickly halted as QB Noam Gelb's pass was tipped by Leiberman and picked off by DL Ezra Shulman, who ran it back for a pick six. This brought the score to 12-0 in favor of Omni. Converse tried to mount a comeback with a series of short completions, but their efforts were hindered by some strong defensive plays by Omni. Eventually, Converse was able to score a touchdown when WR Mordechai Cherns caught a 36 yard pass from Gelb, making the score 12-7 in favor of Omni. Omni continued to press forward, with TE Ezra Shulman making a 15 yard reception, WR Leiberman making an 8 yard reception, and WR Chiam Harris making a 13 yard reception. QB Avi Zern then pump faked and juked out 3 defenders for an 18 yard touchdown run, making the score to 18-7 in favor of Omni. Converse had a nice drive going but on 4th and 19, Gelb threw an INT to CB Chaim Harris who returned it for a 57 yard pick six, making the score 24-7 in favor of Omni. Converse was able to score again when WR Mordechai Cherns was found open behind the defenders and Gelb hit him for a 56 yard TD (his 2nd of the game). The score was now 24-13 in favor of Omni. At halftime, the score was 24-13 in favor of Omni. Converse stalled out on their first drive of the second half, and Zern then threw a 46 yard TD pass to Leiberman (his 2nd of the game) making the score 31-13. Converse's WR Shai Feintuch helped move Converse down the field but Gelb threw another INT, this time in the red zone and costing Converse the chance to comeback, as CB Chaim Katz picked him off and returned it to the house (Omni’s second 50+ yard pick six). The score was now 37-13 in favor of Omni. Converse WR Dan Stein made a crazy catch to get them down to the 10 yard line, and Shai Feintuch caught a 10 yard TD. The score was now 37-19 in favor of Omni. Converse went for the onside kick but to no avail, and the final score was 37-19 in favor of Omni. It was a hard-fought battle between two talented teams, but in the end, Omni's strong offensive showing and tenacious defense proved to be too much for Converse to handle.

Umpa Lumpas vs Mercaz Moosen

The "Game of the Year" between Mercaz Moosen and Umpa Lumpas was a highly anticipated match-up, with both teams boasting strong rosters and a determination to come out on top. Mercaz started off strong, with an interception by CB Pace Jacoby which set up a 6-yard TD catch to WR Coby Walden. This early lead put pressure on Umpa to respond, but their efforts were stymied and they were forced to punt. On the next possession, QB Avrumi Zagelbaum connected with Walden once again for a 37-yard TD, putting Mercaz in control with a 12-0 lead. However, Umpa wasn't ready to give up just yet. With a 35-yard TD reception by WR Morris Setton, they were able to get on the board and cut the deficit to 12-6. Mercaz punted it back quickly to Umpa. In a thrilling play, Setton returned the punt for a TD, giving Umpa the lead 13-12 at halftime. The second half started with Mercaz regaining the lead with a 12-yard TD catch by Walden (his 3rd TD off the game). Umpa tried to catch up with a 39-yard TD catch by WR Leibel Eichorn, but Mercaz extended their lead once again  with a 9-yard TD catch by Pace. However, with only :3 seconds left in the game, Umpa's QB Eliezer Weissmandl hit WR Eichorn for an 8-yard TD, sealing the game with a final score of 26-25 in Umpa Lumpas' favor. This game was a showcase of the talent and determination of both teams, with each player giving it their all until the very end. The back-and-forth battle had the crowd on the edge of their seats, and the final outcome was a testament to the hard work and determination of the players on both sides. In the end, it was Umpa Lumpas who came out on top, cementing their place as one of the top teams in the league.

Joe’s Eagles vs Mercaz Moosen

Mercaz Moosen and Joe's Eagles faced off in a great game. The Eagles started with the ball but were forced to punt early on, giving their defense a chance to shine. And shine they did, as DL Avi Braun had an outstanding game, registering not one, not two, but three sacks. The first sack resulted in a forced turnover on downs for Mercaz, and the third sack resulted in a safety, giving the Eagles a 9-6 lead over Mercaz. Mercaz's defense was relentless too, with DL Dovi Olshon also registering a sack in the game. However, Olshon wasn't just a dominant force on defense, as he also made an impact on the offensive side of the ball, scoring a 1-yard TD as a tight end, giving Mercaz the lead with a score of 12-9. The Eagles tried to mount a comeback, with QB Azi Galbut and WR Yehuda Ross connecting for a 12-yard TD, but it wasn't enough to overcome the dominant performance by Mercaz's defense. The game then saw multiple punts from both teams on their respective drives. The Eagles punt however,  was blocked. QB Avrumi Zagelbaum and WR Avi Jacobs then connected for a 4-yard TD catch, giving Mercaz a comfortable lead with a score of 18-9. The remainder of the game was filled with turnovers from both teams, but neither was able to score, and the game ended with a final score of 18-9, with Mercaz coming out on top. The Eagles put up a strong fight, but in the end, Mercaz's defense was too much for them to handle, and they secured the win.